Saturday, March 5, 2011

Faye Wong Hong Kong Concert Through Chapman To's Eyes

Chapman To posted photos live from Faye Wong's second Hong Kong concert! Update: Turns out Chapman borrowed Wing Shya's camera -- see his post below.(Mar.5)

Faye Wong concert, go!

May be the world's best concert


Wonderful sound of angel

Update: This is my favorite! Overweight holding equipment, leave the seat, went to the venue in the middle, looking at the landscape device, holding their breath, focus the attention on the singer's voice, in my most moving, press the shutter, is complete. . . Thank you, Mr. Xia [Wing Shya] has always encouraged me to take pictures, and more to thank him for lending the camera. wingshya:nice photo
This night, I am disturbed


Show's end, Heart Sutra, the end is also the beginning


YTSL said...

Wow, Chapman To's photos are great!!! Didn't he realize he was any Hong Kong actor who is a shutterbug... Thanks for pointing them out! :)

dleedlee said...

Chapman really loves photography. A few months back on his Weibo, he was proudly showing off his latest camera acquistion - one that still uses real film, a Leica if I recall correctly. Anyway, he is quite talented imo and records everything wherever he goes, e.g., Chapman provided a lot of the inside pics from the Jordan-Cherrie wedding.

YTSL said...

Hi again dleedlee --

Thanks for understanding what I meant to write even though it should have been "another" rather than "any" in my first posting.

Have you seen any of Simon Yam's photos? I'm not sure I have. OTOH, have seen Chow Yun-fat's, including one of a waterfall that was included in the Hong Kong Photo Festival. :)

dleedlee said...

Updated post with note that Chapman borrowed camera from Wing Shya. And added one more photo at the bottom.

Yvonne, I don't think I've seen of any of Simon's photos, but now that you mention it I faintly recall it. I'll have to see if he has a weibo! ;D

re: CYF, Yeah, he's a pretty well known photographer. I see he occasionally has exhibitions and charitable auctions and he runs around with a local photo club but I can't remember if I've seen any of his works other than in a few faint background shots, though. :( You're quite fortunate! orz

I do enjoy the amusing reports of Chow being spotted in his favorite camera shop chatting up the owner or having to quickly duck out on the QT!