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3.25.2011 - News

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It's been confirmed that Hong Kong artists will hold a three-hour charity concert titled "311 Love beyond Borders" to raise funds for victims of Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami.
The group has recorded the song "Succmb Not to Sorrow" which is based on a Japanese poem and serves as the theme for the concert. (Xinhua)

Japan live blog: More than 27,000 dead, missing (CNN)
Breach suspected at troubled Japanese power plant (Yahoo)

CRI: Chinese 'Se7en' Opens on March 25
The Chinese crime thriller "The Man behind the Courtyard House" by director Fei Xing held a premiere on Thursday
The Man behind the Courtyard House" is the first film of a psychological crime trilogy...The film's producer has announced the second project in the trilogy will start filming in late May.

A media preview screening of The Man Behind the Courtyard House in Chengdu had the audence chuckling over unspecified flaws in the movie. (Sina) 
5 postive aspects of the film: 1) pyschological thriller is new innovation for mainland market, 2) leaves much for audience to consider, 3) big budget, good production value, made in good faith despite later changes, 4) overall cast and portrayal of characters by the 7 actors, 5) theme song by Chen Chusheng is well integrated and advances the story. (Sina)

Q&A: Lu Chuan (THR)
Acclaimed Chinese director Lu Chuan recently began shooting his fourth feature film, a tale of two great generals, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, who fought for control of China at the end of the Qin Dynasty and started the Han Dynasty. Centered on the legendary Feast at Hong Gate in 206 B.C., at which one general betrays the other, Lu’s new movie The Last Supper tells the tale cemented in the Chinese imagination as a metaphor for an invitation with sinister ulterior motives.

John Woo sent his blessings and congratulations to Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu on their new production venture and news of the remake of A Better Tomorrow. Stephen Fung acquired the remake rights 5 years ago. (Sina)
Alan Mak and Felix Chong are remaking "Plot" a popular 2005 mainland TV series mystery/spy film as "Windseeker" with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as blind A Bing played by Wang Baoqiang in the original. (Sina)

The Seal of Love poster 
Shawn Dou Xiao, Dong Jie

Seal of Love (vide. White Flower in Autumn) is directed by Huo Jiangqi (Life Show, Postmen in the Mountains) premieres tomorrow night at the Beijing Student Film Festival. The legendary love story is set on the eve of the 1911 Revolution and is timed to celebrate the 90th anniversary.
Guo Jiaming plays Dong Jie's husband
Guo Jiaming, Dou Xiao

Premiere screening of Hi, Fidelity last night
Carrie Ng
Pat Ha Man-Chik
Michelle Ye

Pat Ha, George Lam, Carrie Ng

William Chan Wai-Ting
Michelle Ye

Wang Baoqiang made a special trip to Hong Kong to support Michelle whom he costars with in two films, Fire of Conscience and the upcoming Cai Lifo (another film about Choy Lee Fut).

Yesterday's press conference
Carrie Ng, Pat Ha, Michelle Ye, William Chan

Carrie Ng (Sina)

(Mar.25) Beijing premiere press conference for Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Louis Koo, Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu

Louis Koo, Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu

Gao Yuanyuan
Daniel Wu
Louis Koo

Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu

Roses and a ring for Gao Yuanyuan


Sammi Cheng for a health drink advert

TaipeiTimes: Pop Stop
Barbie Hsu, Sneakergate

MSN: Pan Shuang Shuang sends Raymond Lam a warning
The model claimed that she is outspoken and has a feisty attitude, as if implying that she would turn hysterical, should Raymond hurt her feelings.
A1: Photos tell on actor Raymond Lam's break-up fib
The actor told the media that they had split in January, but Hong Kong's Next magazine published an article on Wednesday which said the couple celebrated Valentine's Day together last month.

MSN: Barbie Hsu’s wedding criticised for being over-the-top
CNA: Barbie Hsu addresses 'favouritism' allegations in media
Barbie Hsu broke her silence Wednesday and addressed the negative reports that have surfaced as a result of the media restrictions Hsu had imposed on her wedding to wealthy beau Wang Xiao Fei
China Times Weekly reported that porn tourists are so desperate for three dimensional titillation, they are preparing to fly from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan for the Hong Kong-produced sex flick, "3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy".

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