Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3.9.2011 - News

CRI: Chen Kun Takes Lead in Qian Xuesen Biopic

CRI: Huayi Bros Announces 10 Bln Ambition
Wang branded 2011 as a year of brewing while 2012 is expected to be a year of blooming when most of Huayi Bros productions hit the big screens.

The 2nd Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival will include Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan's internet movie Devil Nail Clippers. The 50-minute film stars Zhou Xun as a woman with unusual appetites.

Fan Bingbing in stills from Buddha Mountain

Initial box office returns have been good since opening on March 3, reportedly bring in 26M yuan the first week.

Promotional stills of Karen Mok and Leon Dai for Law of Attraction. A 30-second trailer was also released.

Law of Attraction opens April 8. (Sina-gallery), 2

Lu Chuan, San Hanping officially open the filming of King's Feast

Liu Ye, Daniel Wu and Chang Chen are confirmed cast members. Chow Yun-Fat was originally reported to be cast in the role thought to now be Daniel Wu's. In addition, Yan Ni and Qin Lan have been identified as cast with undetermined roles yet. Offiicial role assignments have not been announced yet. (Sina)

Poster for the 18th Beijing Student Film Festival which begins March 26. The festival is a key barometer of films and television programs popularity with audiences and closes April 27 with an award ceremony.

"Mou girl"

Christian Bale and family in Beijing
Bale in Nanjing
Reporters followed Christian Bale's arrival in Beijing on March 6 to begin working on Zhang Yimou's Nanjing Heroes.. To their surprise, Bale was spotted in Nanjing the following day. In the process, the reporters also nabbed a few shots of the latest "Mou girl" during a training class. (Xinhua)

Lee Heung Kam denied reports that she has Parkinson's Disease. The 79 year-old actress was flooded with calls from friends with concern. Brushing it off as misunderstanding due to a joke, she said that she was heading to Australia to raise funds for a senior citizen home. (Xinhua)

Cecilia Cheung returned to Inner Mongolia to complete 30 hours of filming for the Lady Generals of the Yang Family. She was said to have only slept two hours to finish her part in the film. (Sina)

Yao Chen
For some reason, the Grace Jones song Warm Leatherette comes to mind.

Miriam Yeung in Beijing for the release of her 3rd Mandarin album Ready or Not

Michelle Reis and baby JM posted on her weibo

At an event yesterday, reporters dubbed Andy as "Spring Andy" because he wore a smile on his face throughout the entire interview.

“He’s 50% anarchist and the other half poet. For Chinese, he’s not that easy to understand.”


ewaffle said...

Zimbio, an organization that puts speed above accuracy, identified Yao Chen in the same outfit but a different background as Fan BingBing in Paris.

Casual racism regarding Asian people--the last "acceptable" form of overt racism in the U.S.

dleedlee said...

Zimbio, an organization that puts speed above accuracy, identified Yao Chen in the same outfit but a different background as Fan BingBing in Paris.

Thanks for pointing it out. I just took a look it. :D :D :D

I think it's just ignorance on Zimbio's part. I don't know how they work. Also, I've seen Sina misidentify HK stars on occasion, too. It's a matter of what you're familiar with and then if not, SWAG. I've resorted to that myself!