Friday, April 2, 2010

4.2.2010 - News

Variety: Fire of Conscience
Variety: 14 Blades
Variety: Slice (Thailand)
A sleazy thriller about a serial killer who slaughters sex tourists, "Slice" is a notch above the average Thai slasher pic, but has trouble cutting through its knotty yarn. Offering queasy delights for gore hounds and an initially suspenseful atmosphere, the story runs off its circuitous rails before getting back on track with a genuinely surprising twist.
Chinese filmmaker secretly shoots six-hour documentary on deadly 1994 fire
n "Karamay," Xu has crafted a powerful movie by letting the material speak for itself. He doesn't use a narrator or a musical score. An opening sequence showing student's graves zooms in on the portraits of each of their tombstones. He lets the parents vent in lengthy monologues that bring out the depth of their sorrow.

CF: "Death Dowry" Joins Beijing Student Film Festival
CF: Distant Thunder latest from Zhang Jiarui (Red River)
The film is a horror, mystery and love story that uses special filming techniques to tell the uncanny and thrilling story of happiness and sadness among lower class people. It took two years for director Zhang Jiarui to finish this film.
Sources say "Mi Cheng" has made the list of most popular films at the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival.
CRI: Gigi Leung Donates for Southwest China's Drought
CRI: Betty Sun Li: New Cover Girl of "Trends Health"

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