Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4.6.2010 - News

Variety: Harmony (South Korea)

The production of  the Wong Jing-directed "Aladdina" ("Allah's Magic Lamp") featuring Louis Koo and Twins has been postponed. According to Wong Jing, it is due to a conflict of scheduling with the cast, but it is rumored that an investor in China Film Group, an auto brand, has withdrawn. The film was slated to begin shooting in Chengdu this month. (Xinhua)

CRI: 'Angry' Lin Chi-Ling on Set of Japanese TV Drama

Chrissie Chau shows off her behind-the-ear tattoo while promoting a theme song for an online game

Meng Yao - Beauty and the 7 Beasts

Chrissie Chau, Tina Ti Na's successor?

In other Chrissie Chau news, Chrissie is slated to star in the stage version of the Tina Ti Na 1970 classic film Lucky Seven. Remade a few years ago by Wong Jing as Beauty and the 7 Beasts with 'Jing Girl' Meng Yao, the 'plot' revolves around seven horny guys trying their best to bed a beautiful girl. Tina Ti Na also starred in a sequel Lucky Seven Strikes Again. [Both are highly recommended. Imagine the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe (am I dating myself here?).] Chrissie promises sexy costumes but the limit will be bra and panties with gauze for sexy effect. Producer Yeung Shiu-Hung said the play had been in planning for three months. (Sina)

She made headlines last year for her battle with depression and notorious mood swings on set, but Sammi Cheng has since stepped out of her past, and appeared only happier and stronger than before...

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