Thursday, April 1, 2010

Legendary Actress Tina Ti Na Passes Away

Ti Na's close friend issued a statement that Ti Na passed away yesterday of organ failure. Aged 65, Ti Na had been in ill health for the past few years. She was hospitalized in recent weeks.

After leaving show business. Ti Na became a successful businesswoman. She left the movie business at the peak of her career. Although she declared bankruptcy in 1974, a Hong Kong first, she paid off her debts after four years. Ti Na lived in Europe for a number of years, later,she established mainland aerospace and satellite navigation businesses. Her worth was estimated to be $1B yuan.

Ti Na's daughter underwent a sex change operation in 1995. At her behest, Ti Na's son said that there would be no public funeral.

Tina Ti Na

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China Daily: Tina Leung, rare actress and adventuress, dies
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Malaysia Star (Apr.3)
Ex-HK sex symbol Tina Ti dies at 65

FORMER Hong Kong sex symbol Tina Ti (pic) – the first Chinese actress to appear in a nude role – has died at the age of 65, major Chinese dailies reported.

Her family friend Chan Wing Hong said Ti, who was better known as Di Na during her heydays in the 60s and 70s, was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago after a long battle with cervical cancer and died on Wednesday.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2005.

Ti, whose credits included A Big Mess, Beauty and the 7 Beasts, One Day at a Time and Dark Rendezvous, caused a sensation in Hong Kong when she appeared nude in The Warlord in 1972.

Ti had, in an interview two years ago, admitted that she used to gather intelli gence for the Communist Party of China in the 60s.

She is survived by a son, Michael Ma, who underwent a sex change 10 years ago to become a man in order to protect his single mother


duriandave said...

Just found this great article about Ti Na. Wow... I had no idea she was all that!

dleedlee said...

Thanks, Dave! I've only been reading articles snippets in piecemeal up until now.

One story I saw had the (I think) Thai prime minister and his brother deciding to play Russian roulette to settle who would win Ti Na's hand before she stopped them.

duriandave said...

LOL! Ti Na's life really would make a good movie.

EngSeow Wee said...

Despite of her starting nude., i have high respect for such talented lady of the year.,RIP at least she clear all her debt despite of bankrupt.,my type of people i respect.,