Saturday, August 28, 2010

10th Changchun Film Festival

Poster features the Golden Deer award

A recap and some selected highlights of the 10th biennial Changchun Film Festival awards ceremony held on August 28. It was an especially good night for Zhao Wei who was image ambassador of the festival and also won Best Actress award. Fans greeted her heartily as she walked the red carpet.

Notable Awards:
Best Picture - The Founding of the Republic
Best Actor - Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker) and Wang Xueqi (Bodyguards and Assassins)
Best Actress - Kara Hui (At the End of Daybreak) and Zhao Wei (Mulan)
Best Supporting Actor - Sun Haiying (Examination 1977)
Best Supporting Actress - Sandra Ng (Echoes of the Rainbow)

Wang Xueqi - Bodyguards and Assassins

Red Carpet
Simon Yam, Mabel Cheung

Zhao Wei

Gong Beibi

Li Jing, Louis Fan, Kara Hui

Nick Cheung

Raymond Wong, Elanne Kong

Qin Lan

Stanley Huang

Wilson Yip, Yu Shaoqun, Liu Yifei

Miao Pu
Awards presentation
Nick Cheung

Zhao Wei

Kara Hui

Zhao Wei, Kara Hui

Mabel Cheung

Miao Pu

Priscilla Chan

Qin Lan

Zhao Wei descending

(Sina), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, (FBA)

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