Monday, August 2, 2010

8.2.2010 - News [Updated]

The sequel features the same cast as the original, and has new additions Sun Honglei and Yao Chen, who have collaborated on the hit TV series "Lurk" ("Qian Fu").
Sun Honglei, Yao Chen in Lurk

Starring Qin Lan, Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Li Chen, the sequel depicts a love triangle involving the children of the characters from the original film.

Gillian Chung shines in a charming relationships movie directed with a light touch by writer Heiward Mak.


John Woo's favorite weapon

John Woo discussed the various weapons in the film Reign of Assassins

John Woo attending a martial arts forum in Beijing

Reign of Assassins weaponry

Tang Wei has been invited by director Wang Quan'an to join the cast for White Deer Plain. As there are passionate scenes, Tang Wei may require a stand-in.
So far, the cast includes Zhang Fengyi, Wu Gang and Liu Wei. Sun Honglei is thought to be cast in an important lead role but it's not been fully confirmed.

Liu Wei, Zhang Fengyi

Huang Yi in Shanghai to receive an award from Jessica magazine


Rose Chan visited the ACGHK (comic-con)
She said it was her first time at the fair. Rose also said that there was a possibility that she would go to Taiwan and film an idol series. Asked whom she would most like to co-star with, Rose said, Ethan Ruan.

. "The graceful woman is a life attitude, distributing charm out from the inside," she said.

Now on Syfy's Stargate Universe 
[I've recently seen her co-hosting Sunday infomercials for Wen Hair Care products by Chaz Dean.]
Sparks rumours of reconciliation with Sammi Cheng
At a tender age of 14, she was already trying to earn a living in showbiz.

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