Thursday, August 12, 2010

8.12.2010 - News

The film is a love story between a Chinese girl and a German guy. Their relationship is mainly over the phone at the beginning. Then the girl travels to Germany with the money she saved from working in a flower shop.
Part of the film was shot in Chongqing, the southwestern Chinese city on the bank of the Yangtze River, where the love story starts.
Jiang Yiyan was known by the German media as "The Most Beautiful and Real Oriental Girl" for her great appearance and acting in her previous films.

Jiang Yiyan

Lead actors show up one by one in the 75-second trailer which follows the assassination plot targeting a retired murderess.
"The theme of the film is not about assassins and revenge but about love, which is the core message of my films. People should search for a way to get along with each other instead of hate and grudge," John Woo was quoted by as saying.

Chief villain - Wang Xueqi

Haunted-fetus horror movie has some squirmy moments but is shackled by a confused script.

Vivian Chow, Sandra Ng attend the HKSIFF screening of All About Love

Jo Koo, Joey Man, Vivian Chow, William Chan Wai-Ting, Ann Hui

Joey Man Yee-Man, Simon Yam

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting endorsing lip gloss for Estee Lauder

Ekin Cheng and Lynn Xiong attend a Body Shop event

Lynn Xiong

Ekin Cheng - no marriage plans
He denied reports that he and Yoyo Mung registered for marriage in Japan during a recent holiday with his parents in Hokkaido. 
Yoyo Mung
Yoyo, for her part, was reportedly very unhappy in Hokkaido as she had no alone time with Ekin and was constantly stalked by paparazzi.(Sina), 2, (Xinhua-slide show)

Shu Qi

Shu Qi is the new regional face for Emporio Armani replacing Zhang Ziyi for Fall/Winter 2010. She will be appearing in new billboard ads that were recently shot in New York City. Shu Qi was lauded for her professionalism during the photo shoot in 100+ degree heat. (Xinhua)

According to reports, the star appears to be more concerned about her concert and was said to have set a three-month abstinence from 'bedroom activities' with Real as she concentrates on concert preparations.
To make things worse, Real was seen hanging out with an unnamed hot babe when Miriam was out in Japan filming a music special.


Anonymous said...

It was interesting to read what Feng Xiaogang had to say about the state of Chinese cinema ("This is not an era that can produce masters").

I kind of regret I passed up seeing Aftershock when I was in HK, but it sounds like it might be making its way to the US.

dleedlee said...

I definitely would like to see it but I hope the placement ads aren't too distracting. I remember the opening of the World Without Thieves looked like a slick auto advert.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I remember that opening scene!

Honestly, when I saw the preview of Aftershock, I dismissed it as disaster porn. But it sounds like it's a good solid drama.