Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8.11.2010 - News

Na Na's War of the Roses/Nana's Love War poster

New Stool Pigeon posters released

Stool Pigeon

Simon Yam - Midnight Heartbeat/Midnight Pulse

Simon Yam says the film is not for children. According to reports, there are horror scenes every five minutes and young children should be accompanied by parents, and the elderly and those with poor endurance are to be watched. (!) But for fans of horror films it will be a visual feast. (Sina)

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun have been confirmed as returning for Painted Skin 2. Chun Kuo-Fu (The Message) will produce, the director may be Ning Hao. Confusingly, Gordon Chan is working on a similar ghost story project, Wall Painting. Donnie Yen and Zhao Wei are not returning for the sequel, Betty Sun Li has opted to appear in Gordon Chan's Wall Painting. (Sina), 2(Xinhua)

Recruitment poster for China Great Star Action Star Training in Shanghai

Prospective students were surprised to see Jackie Chan performing Wing Chun in a recruitment video. Successful students will have the opportunity to perform in two films, two television series and theatre internships. (Sina)

Karen Mok's Taipei press conference for the release of her single 'Baby'.

Karen Mok

Daniel Wu, Lisa S.

The Las Vegas wedding cake for Daniel Wu and Lisa S. was a replica of their South African wedding hut. Lisa's father is Gary Selesner, Caesars Palace Hotel President. (Xinhua)

Latest reports claim that Sammi gave Andy an Apple iPad as a token of love and the two of them have been communicating using the iPad since.

TVB executives case faltering?
Two of five people arrested in March on corruption charges involving a top executive at broadcaster TVB were yesterday released unconditionally.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Word on the street is that not only was A Simple Noodle Story retitled here, but it's been shortened by 4 minutes.

I have no idea why, frankly. I sort of enjoyed the film. Not sure what 4 minutes were trimmed or why. It has zero chance of being a hit in the US, frankly.

dleedlee said...

Derek Elley's review from Berlin said that the slapstick pratfalls were excised in the international version.

I also recall Chinese reports that speculated that Zhang Yimou didn't really direct the film at all as he was never seen on set.

I don't think the Chinese audiences cared for the film either, so it would surprise me if US audiences liked it. Probably trading on Zhang's name but viewers will be caught off guard ;D

From one review (Taipei Times):
The film is aimed at neither the international market nor fans of Zhang’s earlier works, but the masses of China

I'd like to see it, too, but in the 'full' form. So thanks for reminding me of the edits.