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8.28.2010 - News

WPost: Yunte Huang's "Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective"
NewYorker: CHAN, THE MAN
“But—he’s Chinese!”

THR: 'Red Light' seeks a revolution
“Red Light Revolution,” an independent comedy about a laid-off Beijing cab driver who opens a marital aids shop to make ends meet, illustrates the ironic difficulty of portraying on screen a frank discussion of sex in the world’s most populous nation.

Jackie Chan issues an apology for earlier comments made on Twitter. He blames a US assistant for incomplete Twitter translation. Chan no longer supports the Philippine police and is in favor of accountability, offers condolences to Hong Kong victims' families. In his statement, Chan said he did not express his complete feelings, thus creating misunderstanding and resentment and offered his sincere apologies. (Xinhua)

Yu Shaoqun, Lin Peng, Liu Yifei, Arthur Wong Ngok-tai
Chinese Ghost Story personnel meet the press at Changchun Film Festival

Lin Peng

Lin Peng also stood in for the Jackie Chan production of Xinhai Revolution scheduled for a 2011 release to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the 1911 revolution leading to the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. The historic epic will feature a mega-star cast comparable to The Founding of a Republic.

Louis Koo and Sandra Ng
Mr and Mrs Incredible release pushed back to New Years

Originally planned for a National Day release, producer Peter Chan announced a delay due to additional work on special effects but some think that the schedule change is due to either Sandra Ng's unconfirmed pregnancy or a wish to avoid competing with Zhang Yimou's Romance Under the Hawthorn Tree. (Sina)

Carmelo Anthony and Stephen Fung work on Amazing

Au Kam-Tong is updating his 1999 indie-art film What You Going to Do, Sai Fung? for the 70th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birthday.
Au Kam-Tong and 'Bruce Lee'

Au Kam-Tong and Eric So

Zhao Wei flies in rehearsal for upcoming 10th Changchun Film Festival

Zhao Wei as Ice Angel
(Xinhua), 2

Sarah Chen

Popular Taiwan '80s and '90s singer Sarah Chen Shu-Hua will not be attending the Rock Records 30th anniversary celebration concerts in November. Taiwan's first million record seller 21 years ago has been out of the limelight and living in seclusion after retiring in 1998. In 2003, Rock Records issued a collection of her songs called 'Letter to Shu-Hua' in hopes of encouraging her back to singing but without success. 5 years ago, friends revealed that her mother's sudden death began her onset of mental illness. Sarah's mother had guided her career and essentially acted as her agent. After that, Sarah took up Buddhism and lived in an apartment with father and older sister. According to reports, Sarah Chen has been suffering from depression ever since the death of her mother. More recently, Rock Records invited Sarah to participate in the anniversary concerts but spoke with her father by telephone who said that she was still ill. Sarah Chen sang the theme songs for many Chinese films including Green Snake, East is Red, Temptress Moon, Red Dust and Wing Chun, and also sang in C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri, Sister of the World Unite, With or Without You, Reunion in the Rain and other films. (Xinhua), 2

Chrissie Chau at a recent endorsement activity

Showing off sand flea bites from Beach Spike volleyball film shoot

Chrissie and Monster Beez at DJ PMC's (Pak Man-Cheung) new club in Causeway Bay.

Gigi Leung appearing in a sexy dress for shoe brand Ferragamo.

Earlier this week, Gigi made a quick visit to Shanghai with her mother to promote her new CD

Gigi Leung and mother visit Chinese Pavilion

(Sina-gallery), 2

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