Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wind Blast - 2nd Trailer Released

CRI: Second Trailer of Film "Wind Blast" Released

(Aug.30) A four-minute trailer for Wind Blast was released, reportedly containing plot leak/spoilers.  The event was attended by director Gao Qunshu and cast member Charlie Young, Francis Ng and Xia Yu. Gao Qunshu said that the spoilers didn't matter but rather the audience should pay attention to the process not who lives and dies in the end.

Francis Ng, Charlie Young, Xia Yu

Director Gao Qunshu, Charlie Young, Francis Ng, Xia Yu

Gao Qunshu

Francis Ng

Charlie Young

Xia Yu

Gao Qunshu, Charlie Young

(Sina), (Xinhua)


Anonymous said...

Looks great--hope to see it on the big screen someday! Guess I should book my tix to Beijing soon--

dleedlee said...

They're anticipating big box office numbers on this one, so it seems like a sure win.