Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If You Are The One 2 - Media Set Visit

The media visited Sanya, Hainan Island where Feng Xiaogang is filming If You Are The One 2 (Don't Worry). Shu Qi looks to be playing an airline attendant. Filming is expected to be completed mid-October.

Shu Qi

Inside the airline cabin

Feng Xiaogang



Glenn, kenixfan said...

She was an airline attendant in the first one, right? In her early scenes on the airplane.

dleedlee said...

I haven't seen the first film yet, but you're probably correct. I recall reading that Shu Qi was reprising her role from the original. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, she was a stew in the first movie. Lead to the dramatic confrontation (sort of) in first class between herself, her boyfriend Alex Fong, his wife, and Ge You.

As one who is not a fan of either romcoms or Shu Qu I was pleasantly surprised by the first movie. Probably Ge You's funny and cantankerous character had a lot to do with making the film watchable. Not to mention his "brilliant" invention, the tube!

dleedlee said...

I'm a big fan of Ge You, especially his earlier films with Feng Xiaogang. He's a charming rascal.

I need to catch up with If You Are the One.!!!