Saturday, August 14, 2010

8.14.2010 - News

THR: 'The Office' going to China

THR: The Fantastic Water Babes
Bottom Line: A frivolous but endearing romantic fantasy.
The hyper-colloquial dialogue used makes Cheung Chau comes across vividly as a community with its own customs and outlook that sets it apart from materialistic and phony urban life on Hong Kong Island. This is reinforced by some very pleasing panoramic shots of its mountains and beaches. But the inhabitants are drawn like cartoon figures. The way they prop up Gillian's belief in her superpowers or conspire to keep Kwok captive is endearingly balmy.
The fates of five couples collide in a road accident in Zhang Yang's "Driverless," which borrows Paul Haggis' concept of making the car a catalyst for intertwined stories in "Crash."

NZ: City Under Siege
If you rarely watch a Hong Kong film and want to see how different they can be, this is a great place to start. It’s far from a perfect film but it’s very entertaining, especially on the big screen.

Stills from High School Musical

The film is reportedly struggling to find an audience at the box office.

Charlene Choi in Chengdu promoting The Jade and The Pearl

Even after six months, the media is still asking about her and Ronald Cheng. Charlene deflected questions and said that she is okay. 'I know many of my friends are concerned about me but my fans do not care about these things.' Asked about what roles she would like to play in the future, Charlene said she would like to try something serious, a bad woman or one with mental illness. She name directors Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou as ones that she would most like to want to work with.
The article also describes Charlene as a micro-blog 'lunatic'. Charlene is always waiting to hear what her friends are up to. After the press conference, Charlene made 4 posts in 15 minutes about the meeting.  (Xinhua) 
[Charlene currently has over 1.38 million followers on her Weibo (sina micro-blog) surpassing Gillian (1.37M followers), who you may recall had to convince Charlene this spring to start one up. As of today, Charlene has made 681 posts compared to. Gillian's paltry 374.]

The devil in Charlene
Charlene on her way to shoot an advert 

Zhang Jingchu in a recent photo shoot

Edison Chen was in Taiwan for a G-Shock watch exhibition in Taiwan. His new album is slated to be released in October. 

Afterwards, he flew to Las Vegas to catch Lady Gaga

Edison and Lady Gaga (from his blog)

Faye Wong and Dou Wei in happier days

Dou Wei today

SG: Faye Wong enjoys life while ex-husband Dou Wei struggles
SG: Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung soaking in bliss
SG: Karen Mok denies romance
SG: Sammi Cheng lends her support (to Andy Hui)


Anonymous said...

'The Office' going to China

Ooh... I want to see this! Doubt there's much chance of ever seeing it subbed. I'm really curious to see their cast of characters and how similar or different it is from the British and US series. I wonder if Ricky Gervais will make a guest appearance.

dleedlee said...

A few years ago, China made their version of Ugly Betty for TV. But viewers said that Ugly Wudi wasn't ugly enough. :D