Monday, August 23, 2010

8.23.2010 - News

Global Times: The branding wars: Zhang Ziyi's latest self-reinvention falls flat
The solution is really not that complicated. All she had to do to survive the scandals was to admit to the fraud and then blame it on her team, but she held on to her pride and refused to apologize. She denied the fraud and made excuses, which finally evoked public rage and large-scale media criticism.
Zhang made the right choice by keeping a low profile for some time, enough for the scandals to dissipate and Zhang and her team to create a new public image...

CRI: Call For Control on Smoking in Chinese TV and Movies
The Chinese Association of Tobacco Control (CATC) is calling on The State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) to exert tougher controls over TV and movie scenes showing people smoking.The Chinese Association of Tobacco Control (CATC) is calling on The State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) to exert tougher controls over TV and movie scenes showing people smoking. (Xinhua)

Weak follow-up to the 2008 original, with plenty of dancing but not much else.
The storyline is gritty and engaging but is completely eclipsed by the excellent acting of its two male leads.

Chen Kun and Dong Jie have joined the cast of The Founding of a Party. Chen Kun will play Zhou Enlai while Dong Jie will play Soong Ching-Ling. (Xinhua), (Sina)

CRI: Gordon Chan Casts Foxy Lady in Latest Movie
The new film, "Wall Paintings" ("Hua Bi"), has two young men seeking shelter from the rain in a dilapidated temple and being attracted there to two beautiful women who turn out to be a fox and a snake in human form.
Actress Yan Ni, the heroine of Zhang Yimou's "A Simple Noodle Story", stars as the fox. Other cast members are yet to be announced.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Tang Wei
Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei were spotted leaving a hotel restaurant where the cast of Peter Chan's Wu Xia were dining in Tengchong, Yunnan Province. Earlier this month, Peter Chan had denied rumors Tang Wei was cast to play Takeshi Kaneshiro's wife and no such role existed. When contacted, Peter Chan issued a statement that the standard practice of the industry is to not acknowledge cast lineups until contracts have been signed.  (Xinhua), (Sina) 

Tang Wei's arrival at airport in Tengchong. (Sina-gallery)

Pang Brothers Perfect Fairy Tale shoot in Hong Kong mall attracts onlookers
Wang Baoqiang, Lau Ching-Wan

Oxide(?) Pang, Wang Baoqiang

Wang Baoqiang, Oxide Pang, Lau Ching-Wang, Joey Meng Yee-Man

Dante Lam's Stool Pigeon
Nick Cheung

Nicholas Tse

Liu Kai-Chi

Yu Nan - I kill men for fun in Wind Blast

Film opens Oct.28

Zhang Jiarui's (Red River) thriller Lost City (previously Distant Thunder/Secrets of the Past) has been pushed back to an October release. Originally set for a Aug. 20 release, the schedule was adjusted to avoid facing The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li and also fit into the Halloween season.

Ge Siran

Karen Mok - Taipei

Karen Mok denied allegations that her single Precious/Baby was plagiarised from '80s Captain and Tennille song, Do That To Me One More Time. (Sina)

Cecilia Cheung, Charlene Choi

Charlene, Ceci, Nicholas Tse
Charlene Choi posted photos of her dinner visit at Ceci and Nicholas Tse's home. (Aug.21)

Global Times: Believing in Jane, Zhang begins tour
Jackie Chan wants kung fu as Olympic sport
Taiwanese singer claims sex trade in Korea's show business

Global Times: Hello kitty themed children's hospital (slide show)


Glenn, kenixfan said...

That photo of Ah Sa and Ceci is awesome!

I am getting burned out on Ah Sa but I miss Ceci being in the limelight.

dleedlee said...

I'm a sucker for Charlene, she's just too cute!

Ceci has been been promoting Nic, Lucas, and Quintus heavily via the WeiBo-sphere. And don't forget her brother, DJ PMC.