Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8.10.2010 - News

Ouyang Sha-Fei (1923-2010)

Veteran actress Ouyang Sha-fei passed away last week at the age of 86 in Salt Lake City, UT. She had made over 200 films in her career. In 1940, Ouyang Sha-Fei was admitted to the Shanghai Venus Pictures Actors' Training. Her 1946 film, Spy Number One, directed by her husband Tu Guang-Qi, was the top grosser that year. According to her husband, Ouyang Sha-Fei was already pregnant at the time and hid her stomach under a mink shawl. In 1949, she and her husband left Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong. For her role in MP&GI's (Cathay) Devotion (1960), Ouyang Sha-Fei won the Best Supporting Actress at the 7th Asian Film Festival. In 1963, she joined Shaw Brothers and played Ivy Ling's mother in Love Eterne. The actress won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Golden Horse in 1968 for Too Late For Love. Ouyang Sha-Fei will be cremated and buried in Los Angeles next to her husband. The two divorced in the late 1970's but reunited under the auspices of one of their daughters. (Chinapress), (ChinaDailyNews), (NextMedia), (Xinhua) [Thanks to Glenn!]

Making a song and dance for China - Disney's High School Musical
CRI: 3D "Don Quixote" Unveils Magical Scenes, (Sina)
CRI: Donnie Yen to Star in "Wu Xia"
Takeshi Kaneshiro, better known to Chinese audiences as Jincheng Wu, has been confirmed as Yen's co-star.

Kenny Bee

Gan Wei
Kenny Bee and Gan Wei (Welcome to Shama Town) lead the cast in Land Without Boundaries. The star-studded supporting cast includes Rain Li, Patrick Tam, Francis Ng, Lam Suet, Roy Cheung, Mark Cheng, and Xiong Naijin (another 'Little Fan Bingbing'). (Sina)

Veronica Yip and family visiting Taiwan

Veronica Yip is retired and currently living in the US

[In the Chinese reports, Zhang said watching Maggie Cheung's suicide scene in Centre Stage on TV spurred the thought.]

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