Thursday, August 19, 2010

8.19.2010 - News

Concept poster for The Man Behind The Courtyard House starring Simon Yam and Zhang Jingchu
(formerly Watchman/Watchmen here)
Thrillers fans are enjoying a wave of new films with the recent releases of Illusion Apartment, Curse of the Deserted, and the upcoming Midnight Pulse and The Island. (Sina), 2

NPR: Giving 'Charlie Chan' A Second Chance

China: no film ratings, restated censors role (THR)
SARFT vice minister sees more cinemas, cheaper tickets
CRI: It's Not Time for Film Rating System

THR: Thomas Mao
Bottom line: A fresh and delightful crossover between art and life, documentary and fiction, dream and reality.
Writer-director Felix Chong's light satire on gangster dramas is hit-and-miss.

The upcoming Hong Kong cops and gangsters film "The Stool Pigeon" was screened for the press in Beijing recently, and proved the film had passed the Mainland examiners and would be presented in its original form without any cuts.
When the Korean remake of John Woo's seminal, genre-defining shoot'em up, "A Better Tomorrow" rolls out in multiplexes all over Korea during next month's Chuseok holiday, don't expect a faithful update.

Michelle Ye (and Aaron Kwok, Men's Division) won 3rd place prize in the Women's Division

front: Chin Kar-Lok, Ng Ka-Lok, Michelle Ye, Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng
Chin Kar-Lok placed second to winner Ng Ka-Lok in Jet Li's One Foundation Celebrity Charity Cup race in Shanghai.

Michelle Ye (3rd place, Niki Chow (2nd place), Annie Liu (1st place)

Lee Shan Shan had to withdraw due to a faulty car

Jet Li and volunteer Lin Peng

Lin Peng

While Vicki is willing to give the marriage time, she is said to be taking on jobs to ensure that she has a steady income in the event of a divorce and she needs to fight for custody of her daughter.
She even met up with a famous Chinese scriptwriter to discuss plans for her movie, which will be her first self-directed feature.
Karena Lam (Sina)

Karena Lam's management company has released an official statement on Wednesday, clarifying that the 32-year-old had not completely left the industry but has gone back to school, reported Chinese media.
After 10 years of marriage, former sex-bomb Irene Wan has given up on trying to conceive and decided to adopt instead.


Anonymous said...

I heard the review of the Chan book on NPR last night and was already convinced I wanted to pick it up. But after reading that excerpt of Huang's inspired and witty writing, I'm going to place my order today. :)

Walter said...

Wow - I'm surprised that Zhao Wei's marriage isn't going too well; it's not even been 2 years yet! I think she'll be fine career-wise though - "Red Cliff" and "Mulan" helped her out a lot. Just wish she'd be in another action movie like, "So Close"!

dleedlee said...

Dave - I liked the Monkey King reference, kind of a new perspective.

Walter - Zhao Wei's marriage sounded like it soured from the get go, long before she even gave birth. I don't recall any lengthy rumor phase of secret boyfriend. It was like, boom, she's married, she's pregrant, then discord. Sad, if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I liked that reference too.