Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8.25.2010 - News

"Death Dowry" starring actress Tao Hong will open in local cinemas on September 29.
The film is slated for public release on October 15. In the meantime, some reports have indicated that Lam might leave the entertainment industry now that she has finished making the film.
In fourth place, Wang Lee-hom's comedy Love in Disguise is set to become the highest grossing Chinese film by a first-time director. By Sunday night, the film had taken RMB47 million ($6.9 million), including RMB12 million ($1.9 million) on Chinese Valentine's Day.
By comparison, Li Weiran's debut, Welcome to Shamatown, made RMB47.4 million earlier this summer. Jay Chou's romantic fantasy Secret, which marked his directing debut, made RMB33.3 million ($4.9 million) on release in China in 2007.

Vivian Chow, Sandra Ng wore black to the premiere of All About Love out of respect for the Hong Kong tourists killed in the Philippines. (Sina)
Many Hong Kong and Taiwan artists expressed their sadness and bitterness for the loss of life and derided the incompetence of the police force. Richie Jen announced the cancellation of a scheduled concert in the Philippines to benefit overseas Chinese. Others, like Michael Tse changed vacation plans. Many posted condolences and prayers on their Weibos.

Richie Jen

Eric Tsang held a moment of silence before his TV program and also denounced the police as slow to act. He also cancelled the door prize portion of the program as the atmosphere was too heavy with sadness.
Sure to inflame sentiments

Chrissie Chau appearing for Peach John lingerie brand


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