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8.3.2010 - News

Zhou Dongyu - Romance Under a Hawthorn Tree

Shawn Dou Xiao, a Chinese-Canadian [April 21]
CRI: 'Love of the Hawthorn Tree' Releases First Stills

CRI: Lee-Hom's Directorial Debut Premieres
Musician-turned-filmmaker Lee-Hom Wang's directorial debut, "Love in Disguise", premiered in Beijing on Monday, August 2. (Xinhua-slide show), 2, (Sina-gallery)
Liu Yifei

Since this is the first time Andy has received a nomination at the festival, the star revealed that he will be attending the event to walk the red carpet.
Li Bingbing was also excited to be able to return to the Venice Film Awards again after 10 years.
"Ten years ago, Zhang Yuan won Best Director for his movie Seventeen Years which I acted in; now I'm presented with a chance to step on the red carpet again. I guess you can say this is my 10-year-pact with Venice."
Carina is reportedly going to give the event a miss due to 'matters at home'. Speculations are rife that she is trying to avoid the spotlight due to recent reports that she has been seeing a Chinese businessman behind her hubby's back.

Wang Quan'an clarifies rumors: Tang Wei has not been invited to join the cast of White Deer Plain. Male and female leads still undetermined. In other news, investors have been constantly changeing. Recently, one of the major investors in the film has also pulled out. Wang is considering a consortium of investors. (Sina)

FBA: Being Human (做人) (7/10) (Singapore)
Well-paced Jack Neo comedy about shady business practices that finds the right balance in all departments.
FBA: Patient X (3/10) (Philippines)
Lethargic zombie film tries for some fresh spins on the genre.

My Belle Boss poster

Annie Wu, Peter Ho, Jing Tian

Jing Tian
Guangzhou publicity visit by cast of My Belle Boss

Close To You Stills
Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo 

Eddie Peng, Ming Dao

Close To You opens Aug. 13

Shanghai stop of publicity tour for City Under Siege.
Collin Chou, Aaron Kwok

Wu Jing

Zhang Jingchu

Collin Chou came from a family of 13 brothers and sisters. His father died when he was young. In order to get an education, his mother sent him and his brothers to an orphanage. He started apprenticing at age 6 by learning to carve, by 9 years of age he apprenticed at a bakery so the family could eat. When he was 12 he was working the ovens at the bakery. Next door to the bakery, he learned to use nunchukus. Later, he move to Taiwan and learned to fight and worked in films as a stand-in. (Sina)

The teen models are allowed to promote only in the assigned areas and the main stage.
They can enter the fair as visitors but will be asked to leave if they cause chaos.

After a pause, she added cheekily: "I have to tell you, girls' lips are much softer than guys'."
Jolin Tsai lashes out at paparazzi hounding her grandparents

'Star Wars' creator backs away from lightsaber laser lawsuit
...He said sales have tripled, and Wicked has had to expand to a larger factory and double its customer support team...
The Spyder 3 laser sells for $299. It was originally priced at $199, but the price was raised due to "increased operating costs," according to Liu.

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