Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2010 Passat - Huading Awards Ceremony

March 1, Beijing - A star-studded award ceremony was held to honor and recognize Chinese performers. Winners were selected based on online voting and expert reviews, it sounds akin to the People's Choice Awards. 
Logo featuring the Ding, or three-legged bronze cooking vessel

Zhang Ziyi - Outstanding Achievement

Zhang Ziyi, Wong Kar-Wai share prize for Outstanding Achievement

Feng Xiaogang - 3 awards
Aftershock -Best Mandarin film, Best Director, Best Actress
Xu Fan, Donnie Yen - Best Actress, Actor

Han Geng performing

Gillian Chung - Best Actress, Comedy (Fantastic Water Babes)
 Aaron Kwok

Charlene Choi, Yao Chen

Shang Wenjie

Aaron Kwok
Nicholas Tse (center), Dong Jie, Aaron Kwok

Wong Kar-Wai chatting with Zhao Benshan jury chairman

Donnie Yen - Best Actor (Ip Man 2)

Twins, Michelle Wai Sze Nga

Ruby Lin
Aaron Kwok - Best Actor, Drama (City on Alert)
Nicholas Tse, Best Supporting Actor (Bodyguards and Assassins)
Dong Jie
Han Geng, Most Anticipated Film Actor

Xia Yu
Ruby Lin, Best Supporting Actress (Sophie's Revenge)

Xu Fan - Best Actress (Aftershock)

Singer Sa Dingding, Best Theme Song (14 Blades)

Zhang Ziyi

Meeting the press

Bai Bing

Bai Bing, Yao Di

Charlene Choi, Best Actress - Fantasy Film (Storm Warriors) ; Yao Chen, Best Actress - Romantic Film (Love in Cosmo)

Gillian Chung - Best Comedy Actress (Fantastic Water Babes),
 Aaron Kwok (City Under Siege) - Best Actor, Drama


Diana said...

Aaron Kwok, City under Siege? I am stunned.

dleedlee said...

I think the awards are primarily popularity contests. :D

(I like your avatar!)

Diana said...

I agree with your assessment but I am still stunned. :)

My avatar is from a semi-recent trip, the mountains just outside of Las Vegas. Glad you like it.