Monday, June 14, 2010

6.14.2010 - News

Ten arrested after Chinese film director Yan Po attacked, stabbed with knife
Li Xiaoran - Beijing airport
Li Xiaoran returned to Beijing yesterday afternoon and wrote that director Yan Po had regained consciousness after surgery for his wounds. Posting on her blog, she thanked Lu Chuan, Yao Chen, Zhang Yang, Liu Ye, Chen Kun, Gao Yuanyuan and others for their support. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Variety: Dream Home
Cutthroat real-estate prices ask for bloody countermeasures in "Dream Home," Pang Ho-cheung's deliciously dark take on the dog-eat-dog Hong Kong housing market. High-concept splatter pic is another slickly produced, femme-driven item from local multihyphenate Pang (aka Edmond Pang), with its intricate editing and dash of capitalist critique adding some gloss and a hint of topicality to the blood-soaked proceedings.

CRI: The 'Shanghai' Glamor
Gong Li and John Cusack promotes the WWII thriller "Shanghai" during the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival.
CRI: John Cusack Amiable and Talented, Says Gong Li

"CJ7" Releases Its 2nd Trailer
"Love In A Puff" To Be Shown on Chinese Mainland

Actress-director Charlie Young, jury member of the Asian New Talent Awards

CRI: Asian New Talent Awards Jury Debuts
THR: China's young directors in spotlight at SIFF
Panel reveals difference of opinion on working with newbies
“Young Chinese directors are very lucky now,” said hit-making producer Bill Kong (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), mentor to many a young director and backer of a few of the biggest Chinese films ever to sell overseas. “You can rest assured that there will always be a market at home that is highly diversified.”

Wen Zhang, Jet Li, Xue Xiaolu, Guei Lun-Mei (Ocean Heaven)

Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu

Law Kar-Ying

Huang Xiaoming

Zhang Jingchu
Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Jingchu met with college student and promoted Flirting Scholar 2 at a nearby university in Shanghai (Xinhua)
Wang Qianyuan

Wang Qianyuan, Qin Hailu promote Steel Piano (Steel Guitar)[The Piano in a Factory] in Shanghai

Qin Hailu, director Zhang Meng, Wang Qianyuan

Behind the Shanghai scenes: Donnie Yen vs Jet Li? It's being reported that Donnie Yen's earlier press conference for Fist of Legend was cancelled to accommodate Jet Li and the Ocean Heaven press conference. Both sides' reps denied it, saying it was the work of the organizing committee. Jet's peeps defended him saying how could he be jealous of Donnie Yen and also reminded the press of his charitable works. Perhaps it was a case of resentment. In 2007, the two refused to appear together in a 'Kung Fu Stars' program. Later, Donnie Yen had criticized Jet Li's Fearless at Beijing University and one implied that the other was a 'clown' [unclear which was which]. (Xinhua)

In January, we reported on Hong Kong's subway pole dancer. Now, Nanjing's Subway Steel Pole Sister has surfaced, and has subsequently been arrested after three performances. (ESWN)


Glenn, kenixfan said...

You know, Zhang Jingchu has been surprising me lately. A lot of appearances and a lot of new looks for the actress. Not sure I like all of them but I am glad she's got so many things coming out this year -- 3 features right?

dleedlee said...

I was going to make a similar comment. Can't say I care for the perm'd hair. And she wore those platform shoes on the red carpet again, though, I think Fan Bingbing did also. Must be trying to add height to the stature they already possess.:D