Monday, June 28, 2010

Golden Melody Awards - Taipei

A-Mei (Chang Hui-Mei)

Best Album, Best Mandarin Female Singer, Best Single
Her album also won Best Production, Best Lyrics and Best Arrangement
Mavis Fan

Best singles producer
A-mei was the big winner this weekend at the Golden Melody Awards. Taking home 6 awards after 10 nominations for her album 'Amit', the awards were marred by heavy rains putting a damper on the red carpet ceremony. In addition, prize awards were leaked earlier in the week leading to the usual speculation that the awards were fixed. (Xinhua), (DivaAsia)

Hosts water-soaked Dee Hsu and Harlem Yu


Mavis Fan and her band 100%
Mavis Fan 

Karen Mok, Eason Chan shut out at awards

Karen Mok

Eason Chan

Cheer Chen

Vanness Wu
Wu Bai and Karen Mok

Wu Bai comforts Karen after failing to win award
(Sina), 2

A-Mei backstage

Mavis Fan backstage
Karen Mok returned home without any awards but was not disappointed and in good spirits

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