Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6.23.2010 - News

THR: Shanghai
The film, which finally made its debut at the Shanghai International Film Festival, is no game-saver for the Weinstein Co. as it lacks the stylistic and narrative punch needed to separate itself from the pack.
FBA: Deep in the Clouds (碧羅雪山) (4/10)
Loose, ethnic-minority drama is a step backward dramatically for director Liu Jie after his tight, city-set Judge.

"Clean" Mandarin version of Love in a Puff rated 87/100 by audience in small survey in Beijing. Not bad since the edits loss some of the humor and clarity of the plot. (Sina)

Backstroke's Qi Wei

Liu Ye taxi fight - actual photos this time
That looks like director Zhang Yang in the background.

Sammi Cheng

Sammi Cheng promoting her new CD and denying rumors of affair with Shawn Yue

According to sources, Nicholas has plans to migrate to China and set up a media company there.
Nicholas will not be extending his contract with his company when the term ends later this year. Instead he's planning to set up a media company in China with his former manager Chow Chun Fai.
While the couple was originally unwilling to let their son, Lucas Tse, go under the spotlight, they are now open to taking up endorsements deals for Lucas too.
Gaile Lok

Jung Woo-Sung 

They apparently managed to photograph the 29-year-old actress in just a T-shirt and underwear at home with her mother.
Photos of Sit in the midst of picking her nose and other situations have also made their way to the pages of publications in Hong Kong.

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