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6.13.2010 - News

First domestic poster for Alan Mak and Felix Chong's The Lost Bladesman (General Guan Yu)

Bottom Line: Drama on dying dad and autistic son is less tear-jerking than it sounds.

Reign" is expected to be released in China later this year, and TWC is considering coinciding releases in North American and South Africa, the company said.
THR: Chinese director calls Weinstein 'a cheater'
Harvey Weinstein drew tough criticism at the Shanghai International Film Festival forum on Sunday from popular Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, who accused him of promising financial backing then backing away.
Feng didn't restrict his criticism to Weinstein. He dismissed both "Hero" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," by Chinese American director Ang Lee as "Hollywood movies." "They're not Chinese movies," he said, again drawing scattered laughter and applause.

Wired: 9 Things Parents Should Know About Karate Kid
NYTimes: In This Remake of an ’80s Martial Arts Fable, It’s Jacket On, Jacket Off

HKMagazine: Ex
Heiward Mak is on a roll—ever since her debut feature “High Noon” two years ago, this young director has become the hope of the industry and the most sought-after filmmaker in Hong Kong today, first co-writing “Love in a Puff” then editing “Amphetamine” this year. So the biggest question with “Ex” is, can the 26-year-old maverick work her magic again, and revive the doomed career of a certain fallen celeb named Gillian Chung? Er, no, not with this piece of crap.
HKMagazine: Cheng Dan-Shui, co-producer of Break Up Club

THR: Indie filmmaker gambles with 'Close Encounter of Mahjong'
On the sidelines of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival, a darkly comic story of a foreigner caught up in a Chinese love-triangle and a vicious game of mahjong highlights the grit it takes to get an independent film made these days, even in cash-rich China.

ESWN: Everybody Wants To Be In On The Action Of This Assault
Global Times: One director, two knife wounds, three actresses and four gangsters
Who's behind director Yan Po's attack?

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