Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reign of Assassins (SIFF)

Key members of the John Woo produced Reign of Assassins met with the press yesterday. The next day, Michelle Yeoh and director Su Chao-Bin visited the Shanghai World Expo site. (Sina)

Shawn Yu, Pace Wu, Barbie Hsu, Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh

Pace Wu, Barbie Hsu

Close up of poster of Pace Wu

Shawn Yu, Pace Wu, director Su Chao-Bin

Shawn Yu, Pace Wu, Su Chao-Bin, Barbie Hsu, Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh, John Woo

Michelle Yeoh receives a gift from Taiwan Museum staff

Su Chao-Bin and Michelle Yeoh have a tea tasting

Michelle Yeoh signs autographs while Su Chao-Bin looks on

Meeting staff from Malaysia pavilion

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