Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tang Wei's Remarkable Return

Tang Wei's appearance to present the Best Actor Award at the CCTV Movie/Film Channel Media Awards portion of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival was remarkable by all the initial accounts.

On stage to present the award, Tang Wei choosing her words carefully, began simply, "I thank the Film Channel for giving me the opportunity to be here." That one line was alternately described as being put delicately, or in a solemn, bitter voice.

Before the awards began, Tang Wei stood at the edge of the red carpet. With her first step, the atmosphere was instantly energized. Evening reporters delayed their deadlines just to see her. When Tang Wei took to the red carpet, the audience cheered. (Sina described fans as amazed, wonder struck.) She was dressed simply and elegantly in a little black dress. After being seated, she sat beside director Zhang Yang and whispered to him, before revealing her smiling face of fun. A photographer shouted out her name, Tang Wei turned and triumphantly smiled happy and proud.

She speaks...
Presenting the award, Tang Wei started, "Hello, I am Tang Wei. I thank the Film Channel for giving me the opportunity to be here." Lowering her voice, "A moment ago, the media asked me how I felt to be here, I told them I will know when I get there.[?]  Just now sitting in the audience, I think this is a film temple..." Shaking the award envelope, she says with a smile,"I think this is a family gathering. Everyone is very cordial..." leaving the rest unsaid.

Though this appearance had the imprimatur of CCTV, the article goes on to note that if Tang Wei walks the red carpet tomorrow, she will still likely be cut out by some television editors.

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