Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup - Photo of the Day



Chile and Slovakia were both eliminated today  yesterday.  Brazil looked dominating in beating Chile and, likewise, Netherlands had little difficulty in disposing of Slovakia earlier this morning. Things are beginning to shape up for an exciting final if the remaining favorites come through. I'm hoping for Brazil vs Argentina/Spain/Portugal.

This morning, Japan was eliminated by Paraguay after 120 minutes and the draw forced the teams into the  penalty kick phase. Scrappy Japan and Paraguay battled evenly through two regular periods and the two overtime periods. Paraguay led 3-2 in penalty kicks when Japan's next attempt struck the crossbar and failed to go in. Paraguay and Japan each scored in the fourth frame but when Paraguay added the fifth and final goal Japan was done for the day. Team Japan and its fans were visibly in tears in the aftermath.


Spain vs Portugal was everything fans expected the match to be. Spain played with well mounted attacks while Portugal showed flashes of offense. Spain's passes were crisp and sustained pressure on Portugal.Their play impressive. Portugal's keeper was compelled to make numerous saves and Spain missed opportunity after opportunity by only small margins. Finally Spain scored early in the second half. Late in the half Portugal played shorthanded when one of its player was tossed with a red card in a seeming non-event. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo seemed of little note in this match. Final score, 1-0, Spain.

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