Friday, June 18, 2010

Triple Tap Cast Make TV Appearance

The cast of Triple Tap promoted the film on a popular TV program taped June 12 in Changsha, Hunan for broadcast on June 19th. Derek Yee promised that a mystery guest would appear on the program. The film opens July 2.
Chapman To, Louis Koo, Derek Yee, Daniel Wu, Lam Suet

Chapman To, Daniel Wu recreating his South African wedding with Lisa S.

Lam Suet tries to kiss the program host

Louis Koo and Xie Na

Host, Daniel Wu, Xie Na - literally, the Double Tap King



Kingwho? said...

hahaha "The Double Tap king." very funny.

dleedlee said...

Thank you, thank you.
And don't forget to tip your waiters tonight. ;D