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6.19.2010 - News

Charlie Young presents award to Jiang Wenli

Jury member Charlie Young

"Lan" is a heart-felt drama about a young girl named Lan, who lives with her grandfather and dreams of becoming a gymnast. Jiang has said the film is a tribute to her childhood and her late grandfather.

Will Smith and his son Jaden promote "The Karate Kid" at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival.

John Woo on Reign of Assassins, Tigers and supporting young directors

In the Yao Po attack case, actress Li Xiaoran implies in her blog that the 10 arrestees are not the true culprits.
"I only want the murderers arrested as soon as possible! Evil with evil, if not reported, I will hold you in hell had used a knife waiting for you! Remember, my gravestone will be covered with flowers, and your tombstone will be stained with people revile your saliva! Remember!" A friend of Li Xiaoran said the actress is living in fear and hiding the whereabouts of her location. The friend posted photos of her dining out but the next afternoon another friend of  Li phoned on her behalf and asked her to delete the name of the restaurant for fear of being tracked. So she deleted the photos and the complete post entry. (Xinhua)

Edison Chen and family
Edison's family and friends helped open a new Causeway Bay shop to mark the 6th anniversary of his CLOT brand. Earlier in the week, (Edison's parents are divorced) his father brought a male friend resembling Frankie Lam to a family lunch feeding longstanding speculation about his sexuality. Edison described him as an old family friend while the press characterized him as a 'boyfriend'. I'm just saying...


Longtime girlfriend Vincy Yeung was absent, Edison explained that she was overseas but lending spiritual support.

Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow attended an event to promote a TV program about cats.

(Yakov Smirnoff voice): "In America, they make movies called Star Wars. In China, they make lightsabers."


Working 'lightsaber' can set fire to your skin from Wicked Lasers.

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