Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All the World's a Stage, Platform Heels Are Not Necessary

With apologies to the late Mr. Blackwell, Perez Hilton and Joan Rivers (the Dead, the Living, and the Botoxed). 

As someone whose made more than my fair share of fashion faux pas, I'm eminently qualified to opine (I'll keep those memories private, thank you). The topic dear to my heart eyes was previously addressed by ewaffle at Favorite Hong Kong Actresses. But yet again, it rears its ugly head, or should I say feet, at the recent red carpet ceremony in Shanghai. What is it with platform heels? I know, more stability, less stress on arches, etc. Your talent gives you enough stature, artificial height enhancement is not necessary. Regular 4-inch heels are more than enough. Ladies, take heed! Besides being entirely 80's-retro, they make you look cheap - see Shauna Sands below.  How about something like Ferragamo's? A personal favorite, can you choose anything suitable from this esteemed classic brand? How about this or this, in the right color? Want something with a little more comfort. This could work (I think). That's only online, I'm sure SF has something in their trunk that they'd gladly front you. At the least, how about getting some Easter Egg dye and color coordinate? It's got to look better than what I'm seeing here. Now, where are my Earth Shoes? Next target: those strappy roman-style shoes! ;D

Zhang Jingchu
Shanghai International Film Festival
From lovely...

...to eeew in 6 seconds...

Two months earlier at the Hong Kong Film Awards

Fan Bingbing, victim No.2

Fan Bingbing, 2009 SIFF

Think, is this the company you want to keep? Shauna Sands? 
Please, reconsider!

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Anonymous said...

Yikes... after seeing the prices of those Ferragamos, I'm glad I'm addicted to old movie memorabilia and not shoes!

While I had the same reaction as you when I first saw those piucs of Zhang Jingchu, this time around I have a budding admiration for their irreverent display of power.

My pet peeve lately regarding shoes are the kind (don't know what they're called) seen in this recent picture of Gillian Chung. Something about them creeps me out. I think it's because they remind me of that Magritte painting. ;p

dleedlee said...

Well, a well made shoe will serve you a long time. We're not talking Payless! I've had my shoes sent back to the factory and rebuilt, multiple times. I'm a creature of habit and like to keep my feet happy. ;D

My pet peeve lately regarding shoes are the kind (don't know what they're called)

Yeah, I mentally categorize them as some variation of the strappy-shoe, the 'saggy strappy-shoe'. :d

And, yes, that painting is disturbing!