Monday, June 28, 2010

Triple Tap - Fan Meeting in Causeway Bay

(June 27) The cast of Triple Tap met fans and played games at Causeway Bay to promote the film.

Presented with gold guns

Louis Koo being interviewed

Lam Suet

Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu, Chapman To

Daniel Wu

With fans



Anonymous said...

Apparently Louis Koo & Chapman To had some fun at Daniel Wu's expense, with several naughty puns on "golden gun" that Daniel didn't catch because of his limited knowledge of dirty Cantonese. Funny recap here:

dleedlee said...

Or as Steve Carell might say in his Michael voice: 'That's what she said!" :D

Chapman's a regular joker a la Eric Tsang but sometimes it comes back to bite them when they offend the wrong persons.

It makes me mad that the mainland sites don't even show everyone that attends the event -- like Albert Yeung. And today's post on the Flirting Scholar 2 premiere didn't show Nat Chan in attendance. :{