Friday, June 18, 2010

6.18.2010 - News

[Grrrrr: USA wins, loses and ties Slovenia, 3-2, Mali ref spoils comeback effort.]

Xu Fan - After Shock

Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu, Chen Daoming, Xu Fan

City Under Siege: Aaron Kwok (Sina)

Mainland China also asked the director of another Taiwanese film, 'Us,' to mosaic the footage of the national flag of the Republic of China before playing in China. The director, Chung Cheun, found the request ridiculous and decided not to go.
"I have appeared in over a hundred films and tried playing virtually every type of character so I think I have made the grade as an actress," said Kwan at an event in Beijing.
"I had a number of film offers but I rejected them and will no longer take on any more film roles."
Rosamund Kwan

The Rosamund Kwan Foundation donated $2M yuan to the Rule of Law Sunshine Fund which provide legal services aid to poor and other vulnerable groups. She was also appointed Ambassador of Legal Aid at the launch ceremony at the People's Hall in Beijing (Xinhua), (Sina)

Edison Chen

Just in time for Halloween, Edison Chen is planning his musical comeback in October. That is when he will release a new album with 8 Mandarin songs and 2 Cantonese songs. With help from MC Hotdog, Edison's songs written in English will be translated into Chinese. Last night at the Fama concert, Edison read aloud his rewritten lyrics to 'Imagine' including the line, "I hope someday you'll change your mind and join me" that hinted at his comeback. (Sina) On his blog, Edison's June 17th post says, "words mean nothing in this world".


Anonymous said...

"Cecilia Cheung to star in Derek Yee's new film"
Hooray! Can't wait--

re: Rosamund Kwan donates $2M yuan; Edison Chen plans comeback. Wasn't Edison supposed to do more charity work during his hiatus? Edison talks the talk, but Rosamund walks the walk.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

I second that hooray. This confirms those pictures of her on Derek Yee's boat from some time back -- talking about her return to the screen, obviously.

I think I said it already but I'm getting a bit worried about Zhang Jingchu as she's in worse(weirder) outfits every time you post about her. Fan Bing-Bing is overexposed by appearing at so many things but she doesn't make too many fashion missteps. Is Zhang Jingchu trying to cultivate some kind of image?