Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup - Photo of the Day

Uruguay, Ghana
Round 2: Uruguay meets beats South Korea, Ghana plays against eliminates USA 8{

Ghana's Black Stars trumps USA's Stars and Stripes. It took all of 120 minutes plus 3 minutes extra, extra time. After a typically sluggish first half start and an exciting, energetic second half, USA scrambled in the final two 15 minute extra time periods that Ghana devolved into a frustrating game of keep away and stall ball when Ghana scored early in the first 15 minute period. USA had plenty of opportunities in the second half to take the lead but, unfortunately, could not capitalize after Landon Donovan's penalty kicked tied the match early on in. Even with 'Comeback Kid' Bill Clinton and rocker Mick Jagger rooting in the stands, USA just could not come back one more time. Ghana repeats history and gives America the boot out of the World Cup for the second time in a row.. Sour Grapes Dept.: Ghana's mugging for the cameras after each of their two goals was tawdry. Grrrr...

Well, before today, the prospect of moving on to the finals was looking pretty optimistic.

South Korea, also eliminated

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