Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup - Photo of the Day


The Curse of Mick Jagger in The Stands struck two days in a row as England went down crushed by Germany 4-1, one day after Ghana defeated USA, each time as Sir Mick cheered without effect for the vanquished team. For the record, England got robbed of a obvious goal, but Germany looked the superior team in any case. 
Later, the refs blew another call in the Argentina-Mexico match by allowing a goal scored in an obvious offside situation. Still, it's good to see Argentina and their coach Diego Maradona advance. Besides the vuvuzela, bad refereeing is being too hot of a topic.

On the other hand, English striker Peter Crouch goes home to Abigail Clancy SI Swimsuit Edition model.

I wondered, why do so many national team stars wear the number '10' (e.g., Argentina's Messi, USA's Donovan, England's Rooney, Brazil's Kaka)? Portugal's Ronaldo wears a '7' but it seems to be an exception. Well, it turns out, the 10 jersey is often worn by the playmaker, or 'skillest of the skill' as one web site puts it. Pele (Brazil), Maradona (Argentina), Baggio (Italy) and both Zidane, Platini (France) all wore the vaunted number in their time. And don't forget, though she didn't wear a '10', Bo Derek _was_ a '10'. ;D

[Netherlands is currently leading Slovakia into the second half.]

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