Sunday, June 13, 2010

CJ7 Love the Earth - Press Conference

Producer Stephen Chow presented the new animation film CJ7 Love the Earth in Shanghai yesterday. Cecilia Cheung who sang the theme song for the move was the center of attention making her first public appearance since giving birth to baby Quintus. She brought son Lucas along and he had had the press in stitches when he joined the conference on stage. At one point, Lucas told the audience in English, 'Don't call my mother fat!' When the photgraphers started shooting his pictures, Lucas declaimed, 'You naughty, you shoot me!'. Cecilia Cheung avoided questions about whether she would make a 'comeback' and appear in Chow's God of Comedy 2. Xu Jiao probably learned first hand the axiom about never appearing on stage with children and pets. :-/

Lucas, Cecilia Cheung, Stephen Chow

Lucas, Cecilia Cheung

Lucas, Stephen Chow


Xu Jiao

Stephen Chow

Director Yuan Jiantao


Glenn, kenixfan said...

A little pale perhaps, but that's the Ceci I've missed. That pic the other day made her look odd. This looks like she's ready to step back in front of the public and that makes me a happy fan.

dleedlee said...

She likely had some more time to put herself together.

Anyway, you're probably too used to Hollywood starlets soaking themselves in bronzer! ;D