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6.3.2010 - News

Global Times: City Under Siege, breaking new ground
With blockbusters New Police Story, Rob-B-Hood and Connected, Chan is among the first directors to find success with Chinese mainland-Hong Kong co-productions. In his opinion, co-production projects are a must, as the Hong Kong film industry is witnessing a decline.
After their successful on-screen cooperation in Years Without Epidemic in 2003, Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Chinese mainland actor Liu Ye are now starring in new romantic film Beautiful Life (working title), which started shooting last Wednesday in Beijing. Writer/ director Wai-keung Lau [Andrew Lau] is behind the production and the cast includes former Olympic diving champion Tian Liang.
Directed by Hong Kong former cult film director Herman Yau and starring To Yu-hang and Huang Yi, The Legend is Born centers on Ip's life between the ages of 12 and 30, promising a different approach and revealing how a young Ip grew to became a grandmaster of Wing Chun.
Ip Chun appears in the new film as Ip Man's second mentor Leung Bik, with several action scenes promised, leaving many in suspense of what may be the work's biggest surprise. Ip Chun said that his experience of being an actor was a little tedious, adding that he is unlikely to do it again.
3 version in the works:
  • Hong Kong director Hark Tsui has vowed that he will not retire until he shoots a film based on the novel, for which he has been preparing for 20 years.
  • Action star Donnie Yen recently announced his decision to play the role of Monkey King in Da Nao Tian Gong (Pou-soi Cheang), a Chinese mainland-Hong Kong co-production based on the novel's first few chapters that will start shooting later this year.
  • However, it is Zhang Jizhong, a TV drama director, who has the biggest ambition. He will work with a Hollywood team to shoot a Monkey King trilogy in IMAX 3D, with an expected investment of $300 million, according to an announcement at a recent press conference in Beijing.
Zhang admitted that after communicating and cooperating with the Hollywood crew over the past two years, he came to the realization that the industrialized Hollywood model would be the path for the Chinese film industry "sooner or later." He said that he hopes to enhance Chinese film via the cooperation and lessons learnt from the Hollywood crew.

HKMagazine: Once a Gangster
“Once a Gangster” is a clever comic reinvention of the triad film genre. Its central question is: “What happens to those ‘Young and Dangerous’ gangster dudes once they grow up?” The answer: They want to do anything but “chop friend.”
Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino tsar Stanley Ho, is a singer, actress, and billionaire heiress. Her new slasher movie “Dream Home” takes local films to a gore-iffic new level.
  • I don’t go clubbing anymore [started at 12; semi-retired by 23]. It’s such a chore nowadays. The music’s so loud, your friends are screaming in your ear, spitting saliva onto your face.
  • Oh it’s an absolute necessity to save money, because shit happens.
  • In this movie, I play a loser. She is willing to do anything to get her dream apartment. She doesn’t even think she is insane.
Chinese censors requested that several scenes, including sequences of bullying and a kiss between Dre and his Chinese love interest, be left on the cutting room floor. (KoreanHerald)

Liu Yifei's agent has confirmed that she will star in Wilson Yip's Chinese Ghost Story and the director refuted rumors that Joey Wang would return in a role. Arthur Wong Ngai-Tai (Chinese Ghost Story 2) will return to shoot the movie in a new and updated form. (Sina)

Stanley Tong will announce the cast for his new film ("Two-Color Island") a Chengdu-Okinawa love story, at the Shanghai International Film Festival. (Xinhua)

Qin Hailu is currently filming a TV series in Hengdian (cri)

Huang Yi

Huang Yi appeared on a TV talk show struggling to express herself over the marriage-divorce revelations.
As for the leaks, she said, 'This is not my own doing.'

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