Monday, June 7, 2010

6.7.2010 - News

City Under Siege - Aaron Kwok

MTV Movie Awards - Los Angeles

Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan

"He Zhang," China's first film on the subject of the water supply crisis, premieres on June 5 - World Environment Day.
Ray Lui plays the boss of a chemical company who illegally dumps polluted water in the lake, and is reported to authorities by his honest father, who's dying of cancer.
Chinese superstars Li Bingbing, Pu Cunxi and Xu Qin also make appearances in the film.

Wang Quan'an

Wang Quan'an (Tuya's Marriage, Apart Together) announced that he would begin filming 'White Deer' with an expected $100M yuan budget this fall. A long history precedes the making of White Deer. Filming rights were acquired in 2005 and 2007 but expired before a film was made. White Deer is based on a novel and contains 'restricted' content. Five draft s were previously submitted but finally SARFT has given approval. Casting will be announced at a later date. (Sina)

Huang Yi, Jiang Kai September 2009 (Xinhua)

Global Times: Celebrity love is a battlefield and some will be champions, others will fall
Huang Yi, Karen Mok, Zhang Yadong
The latest news is, now she [Huang Yi] is divorced, in less than a year's time. According to my sources, Huang was never satisfied with her husband (or is ex-husband more accurate?) who is neither well educated nor good looking, not exactly the type that gets you good publicity, so it seems their honeymoon really is over.
Never publicly acknowledging the marriage and now divorced, Huang is certainly not ever going to admit to the union. Some may ask why get married in the first place? Well, aren't we all blind when it comes to love, especially with such a large fortune involved?

Post-natal Cecilia Cheung
A recent photo of Cecilia Cheung shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui was posted on a micro-blog. The photo was taken May 30 with her friend Wong Jin-Jin 2009 Miss Asia's Most Photogenic. She hid her face with a little piggy, not feeling particulary glamorous that day. (Xinhua)

Cecilia Cheung, June 7 (Sina)

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