Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6.9.2010 - News

THR: SARFT takes control of IPTV in China
China's evolving plans for media convergence now appear to grant control of Internet Protocol TV to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, official media reported on Wednesday.
The apparent move by the State Council, China's cabinet, could clarify a previously gray area in a potentially lucrative media arena in the world's largest Internet market.
ChinaHush: Red Light Revolution
Nominated for Best Unproduced Screenplay at Australia’s 2008 Inside Film Awards, RED LIGHT REVOLUTION is the first feature film centered on China’s multitude of adult stores, and the everyday people who run them. RED LIGHT REVOLUTION follows a luckless Beijinger who risks it all to open a shop, sparking a sexual revolution in his conservative neighborhood.
A lot of the film's charm, like its predecessor, relies on its leads. And though it has to be said that Chan seems uninspired and Smith is annoyingly bratty to begin with, they both come into their own after the obligatory spirit-lifting training montages.
Overall, the film pays just enough homage to the original to appeal to both old-time devotees and new fans. This is the kind of movie where you find yourself cheering even though you know you're being manipulated into doing so - and you're okay with that because of its earnest naivete.
The film lurches back and forth between the past and the present, trying to explain too many things at once, and eventually spins out of control with its unnecessary twists and turns.
It is, however, a serious contender for Film With The Stupidest Character Names Ever. [Hey, I resent that!]

Check out the dynamic video poster for A Gan's thriller 'Video Cassette of 31 Degrees North Latitude'. Film opens June 11. Trailer looks like a Blair Witch Project-type premise. (Sina)

Wei Te-Shang's (Cape No.7) Seediq Bale has been saddled with financial problems. Previously reported, Vivian Hsu sold her house to invest $5M in the film. Now it's being reported that Jay Chou has lent the director tens of millions to complete the film. The film is scheduled to finish in July and take up to a year in post-production to be ready for next summer's release. (Sina)

Liu Ye, a bit over PS'd?

Comfort Magazine

Taiwan media reported on Zhou Xun's close encounter with a fan. Arriving at a brand endorsement appearance, Zhou Xun stepped out of her car and in the middle of a media scrum she was greeted by a fan who was reluctant to let go of her. (Xinhua)


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