Thursday, June 3, 2010

Choy Lay Fut Kuen - Guangzhou Launch

Wang Baoqiang

Wang Baoqiang, Ng Man Tat and Michelle Ye Xuan 
Cai Lifo (Choy Lay Fut) Fist production launch in Guangzhou.

Michelle Ye Xuan (Yip Suen)

Michelle Ye, Ng Man-Tat, Wang Baoqiang

The modern martial arts comedy will be Wang Baoqiang's first opportunity to film a romantic kissing scene. Wang typically plays simple, naive characters. In Cai Lifo Fist, he will portray a modern Cai Lifo master. Cai Lifo or Choy Li Fut is considered a Southern-style form of martial arts. John Ching Tung is set to direct with a cast that also includes Simon Loui and Wong Yat-Fei (Xinhua)2(Sina)

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