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Edmond Wong Chi-Mun, Not Just Raymond Wong's Son Anymore

Perhaps foolishly, here is another Google-speak article translation, this time a profile of script writer Edmond Wong Chi-Mun. His credits include the two Ip Man films, Dragon Tiger Gate and All's Well Ends Well 2010 and others. (HunanTV) Release the Kraken:

Father and son

"Ip Man 2" at the box office so far has reached 230 million yuan, sit tight in the first half of the Chinese-language film at the box office champion of the place. The stage Wilson Yip, Donnie Yen large popular these days, behind the cast was praised, known Huangzai Huan [Edmond Wong Chi-Mun] began the "gold medal list." But wound up introducing him as "Raymond Wong son", I believe more likely to let the audience a deeper impression.

On the son, Raymond Wong refused his first step his footsteps to join the film industry, even if Huang Zihuan [Edmond]  "curve" into the Mandarin Film Company from a low start, also remained silent; until "Ip Man" win the box office after word of mouth, big attitude to his son Raymond Wong change, last year opened a new film company, "Ma"[Pegasus Films], claimed to be open to the Huang Zihuan's.

From an early age to play down the relationship between this father and son Huang Zihuan, said Raymond Wong is a "boss", I heard that the new company is open to their own, Huang Zaihuan clear-to Huiliaoyiju [Hallelujah]: "In fact, men who is boss!" He never made a secret of the "boss" of worship, said Raymond Wong's favorite "Happy Ghost" series of films, is making his dream a ghost story, but each mentioned are "the boss" veto. [He wanted to make another Happy Ghost film but dad declined ?]

Raymond Wong to conclude that this Apartments paternity in the work of partners, the most important thing is to stand up their positions. But Huang Zaihuan more ambitious, he's saying is: "I always felt like friends more than father and son, now of course hope that the next level to do partners."

Huang's son, "Game on"

17 years old to join his son was ordered to finish college first

Raymond Wong, 61, active in the last 3 years and up, "Well, Ends Well 2009", "Hanada, Ends Well 2010", and "Ip Man" series of films one after another big sell for his "class label" is once again lit up. In fact, in the eighties and nineties of last century golden age of Hong Kong films, Raymond Wong is the index of characters. He took part in the "New Art City," "Mandarin" and other companies have so far contributed more than impressive classic Hong Kong films, can be written to guide the Raymond Wong is also a keen actor, starring participation, "Well, Ends Well thing "series," Happy Ghost "series of films, television today is still a lot of playback, see people laugh.

The history of this Qiewei clear understanding of the water chest in addition to the media, as well as Raymond Wong is now the cause of his partner - his screenwriter son of Huang Zaihuan post. But this celebrity paternity, Huang Zihuan said very early age to protect from others, "I do not want to let people know I am Raymond Wong's son, because I do not know you really want me to make friends, or because my father is Raymond Wong of the relationship. "father is film Reds, but Huang Zaihuan little impression to the studio along with Raymond Wong's memory, only affected early love of movies. Then 17-year-old graduate in four, he naturally felt, told him that want to get into film work is no problem. "Not go to him, but his mother, he was rejected!" Huang Zaihuan said with a smile.

The traditional Chinese view, inherited his father is normal, why refuse the son of Raymond Wong? He explained that much thought then: "He wanted to do a movie that is precisely the film's dark [he wanted to make films just as the industry was slumping], when we do not know whether tomorrow will be better, I do say so long to uphold the ah, but do not want to own children facing the prospect of a do not know how kind of industry. but I will not force him to do what you do not like to do, so I hope he finish college first, then determine what to do. "rejected Huang Zihuan obediently Canada read the four-year universities, but whether he was away in Hong Kong, Raymond Wong couples know that he was to slack. Huang Zihuan talking about the year of university life: "Reading is the time for parents to see, they think I have a diploma, and I understand, it read slightly. That half of my reading during the half of the movies, daily rental come back to see a lot of dishes[videos]. "desire to see his son, then admitted to the University, Raymond Wong Huang Zihuan to slack on not very concerned about," I think at least graduated from college to say you read, this is the most basic. or changed during the study their own ideas. (always want him to make movies this way?) is not without hope, but hope that he would like to know their thoughts. "

Huang son wait on

Do not rely on editing paternal "Seven Swords" Others appreciated by the parent

It is regrettable that Huang Zaihuan mixed in Canada for four years, returning to Hong Kong to do a film stance. Raymond Wong attitude but no softening, no call their sons to the [Mandarin Films] , Huang Zihuan had to first set up in the sister Huang Yi Jun public relations company to do the office errand monthly salary of 6,000 Hong Kong dollars. The most emotion [biggest regret] is [Mandarin Films] on the upstairs office, Huang Zihuan can only look at the downstairs elevator disappointed, "only a thin layer, do not increase that do not increase."[?]

In the aunt's help, are, of course a few months, Huang Zihuan or into the [Mandarin Films], and began shooting live pictures and the way to do editing. Step by step coming to an screenwriter Huang Zihuan, then suffering has not said, because "Lord Taitzu" [father's son] status is not a good thing sometimes. Then asked him to start from the low, there are not thought to go home after the father cried leapfrog with the big boss, or her mother's account, Huang Zihuan that never thought about doing so, "because the only film production depicted the beginning, but have been very happy , because finally we can do the movie. but then, really hard, all had to learn from scratch, depends on a lot of information written in English. now feel great, I think my editing is good. "

Seemingly indifferent to his son in the company's Raymond Wong, has admitted concern over the way his son, but not too come forward. "I am of course concerned about him, but most want to explore his own, their own strength so that other people are willing to work with him, better than relying on prestige, I gave him. (You know he was tough?) This thing I do not care a I also very difficult debut. Young people are starting from the difficult years. I'm not supposed to be a pet child, and if he should be proud, as a child to give him holding a cell phone to school, also arranged for drivers to pick, but I do not This will also never told the company said, to take care of my son. "

Since 2002, Mandarin Films shot the film entirely by Huang Zaihuan footage, he said a turning point in his career thanks to Shi help. In 2005, the "Seven Swords" rush to participate in the Cannes Film Festival, Shi Huang Zihuan emergency for more than 100 boxes of material from the cut in Highlights, Results, "Seven Swords" selling well in Europe. Raymond Wong learned of a rare word of praise his son, "Well a few (very good)." "He is such a person, at most, say something 'quite good', never take the initiative to praise me. But after that, opportunities are more." Huang Zihuan said with a smile. The second year (2006) he was worried now, "Dragon Tiger Gate," a post script, then more is the 43rd Golden Horse nomination "best adapted screenplay," but the second generation of celebrities still mysterious, ring up the human to know He is the son of Raymond Wong, in the end there is no real skill, or by the parent Yum dawdle, Huang Zihuan need more work to prove their strength.

Huang Zaihuan
Age: 31 years old
Education: Graduated in Economics McMaster University, Canada
Job: Creative Director, is now Tianma Film [Pegasus Films]
Film script: "SARS Life", "Ultimate Fight", "Dragon Tiger Gate", "Alls Well Ends Well 2010", "Ip Man" series

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