Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love in Cosmo - Premiere, Director Attacked by Triads in Garage

Attack illustration 
Director Yan Po, Mei Ting 

Director Lu Chuan revealed in his micro-blog yesterday that Love in Cosmo (lit. Swing de Marriage) co-director Yan Po was seriously injured when he was attacked in a shopping center garage in Beijing the night before by four men with choppers. The assault is believed to be related to actress Li Xiaoran (Driverless, East Wind, Rain). By coincidence, Love in Cosmo was holding its premiere event yesterday which carried on without the director. Producers emphasized that the attack was not a promotion hype. Lu Chuan wrote that he did not know Yan Po personally but that to help himself one day, to help yourselves. [Remember, Lu Chuan also spoke up for Tang Wei while she was 'banished'.]

A source told reporters that the attack was precipitated by a former Hong Kong boyfriend who would not agree to leave Li Xiaoran. The boyfriend was said to be angry that Yan Po and Li Xiaoran had become close and the attack was a form of retaliation. A reporter called Li and she did not deny this. Li Xiaoran said Yan was not yet out of danger. She told reporters that in Hong Kong she had the wrong friends and that she could not get away. The boyfriend was involved in gambling hall debt collection and had threatened her and told her that he could ruin her and also brandished a knife to her face. Because of this, for the past two years has been working away to avoid coming home.

Yan Po was hospitalized with 10 fractures. When he was found in the garage, according to witnesses, Yan Po was laying in a pool of blood, the bone of his left arm was exposed, his tendon in his right leg was cut and a two-foot weapon was left behind. The four perpetrators escaped and police are investigating. Another source says that the mastermind behind the attack is Li Xiaoran's current boyfriend, actor Yin Tao [update: ex-boyfriend's girlfriend's current boyfriend]. The mystery boyfriend is said to have a powerful circle of producers.

 Yan Po and ex-wife Mei Ting were secretly married for four years and made the acclaimed film Aspirin together in 2006. (Xinhua)2, 3, 4

More from Lu Chuan:
"As a member of the industry, I do not want to evaluate this. Yan revealed quite the tip of the iceberg, if not properly resolved, things like will occur one after another. "
Lu Chuan said, in fact, is not quite familiar with Yan: "I did not quite met with Yan. 8 rows in the afternoon and I met with friends when they told me this matter, we should discuss how to help him, and later think the best way is to tell these things. "
In Lu Chuan view, in broad daylight knives to injure is an intolerable thing: "Beijing is not hitting it? Yan quite cut in the city center, the matter of Beijing's crackdown is an irony." (Xinhua)

Love in Cosmo premiere in Beijing
Guo Xiaodong, Yao Chen, Zhu Yuchen

Yao Chen

Zhu Yuchen

Guo Xiaodong


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