Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Male Fan Bingbing(s)

This post is in response to a request from DurianDave recently.
A 'male Fan Bingbing' (男范冰冰), Liu Zhu, was recently a contestant in the popular Happy Boy talent contest. Under great pressure and controversy, the contestant was voted off the program.  (Danwei)(ChinaHush), 2 

Earlier this year, I posted about Kong Ming  who also caught much media attention as a 'male Fan Bingbing'. (NowNews) There are other female celebrity imitators and it is becoming a cultural phenomenom of sorts from what I can gather. Or else, it's a reflection of the news I read. One of the phrases I've seen describing it on mainland media sites is “伪娘" or 'fake lady' (Pseudo Mother, in Google translation-speak). Probably more than you care to know.

[Updates] AF: Kong Ming had plastic surgery?,
AF: Additional questioning of Liu Zhu from judge

Liu Zhu

Liu Zhu (northnews)

Liu Zhu

Liu Zhu and Fan Bingbing in August Esquire

Kong Ming
Kong Ming


duriandave said...

Thanks Dennis! Liu Zhu really nailed Fan Bingbing's facial expressions in those first two pics.

ewaffle said...

I had read about this guy--actually I had seen his pictures and tried to figure out what he was doing based on "google-speak" which is a great way to define their translation on the fly--and was wondering why it was being covered to such an extent.

Liu Zhu is very good at looking like Fan Bingbing but I hope he has a few other talents to draw on.

dleedlee said...

Dave, glad you liked them. I thought Kong Ming more closely resembled FBB.

Ed, watching the first video on the China Hush link, Liu Zhu seems to have a pretty good voice.

I'll post other 'pseudo mothers' as I come across them if they are of particular interest. I think there was a 'male Zhao Wei' in the news recently, but I don't promise I can find it again. ;D

duriandave said...

Dennis, I just took a look at your previous post about Kong Ming and the resemblance is uncanny.

I wonder what Miss Fan thinks about all this?!

And yes, more celebrity "pseudo mothers" please!