Saturday, July 17, 2010

7.17.2010 - News

“Wo Ai Ni (I Love You), Mommy” Director Stephanie Wang-Breal (Documentary)
“Wo Ai Ni Mommy” tells intimately a story that today is commonplace, that of a young Chinese girl being adopted by American families. In addition to the award at Silverdocs, the film also won the award for best documentary feature at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. The film will premiere on PBS’ POV series on August 31st.
Lau Ching-Wan and other cast members were hospitalized while filming the Pang Brothers 'Perfect Fairy Tale' in Thailand. The actors were suffering eye tearing and irritations due to the high heat and night-time use of 'sterilization lights' (floodlights?). After visiting the hospital and receiving eyedrops the actors were released. (Xinhua)

Guei Lun-Mei and Wilson Chen Bo-Lin at a recent ribbon-cutting event

Global Times: TThe Lust and Caution of yet Another Fashion Magazine Cover Issue
Did you ever wonder why a poorly-shot photo of Stephen Chow and his animated CJ7 were on the cover of Esquire's July issue?

In fact, actress Tang Wei had already been shot for the cover but her fickle agent, whose name I will not expose, although she did turn down my interview request for no specific reason back when Tang was promoting Crossing Hennessy in April, refused Tang to be interviewed for the magazine which resulted in the star being pulled from the cover at the last minute.

This is not the first bad collaboration between Tang and Esquire. Remember Fan Bing-bing's controversial but successful, in my opinion, June issue cover? Where she dressed as Che Guevara? The idea had been originally designed for Tang and when her agent backed out, Fan became the hero.

As far as the July issue is concerned, Tang's photos by top local photographer Chen Man were supposed to be moved inside for a promised 10-page spread, but as we have seen since the magazine's release, the promised 10 pages became one and I cannot say that Esquire should to be blamed. (CRI)

Three's a charm: Li Ka-Shing has agreed to allow his son, Richard, to marry Isabella Leong some time next year. This follows upon the news of the recent birth of twin sons. (Xinhua)

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