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7.19.2010 - News (AM Edition)

Lo Ban-Chiu (hkmdb)

World's oldest opera singer dies at age 98, (Sina)

Tai Sze-Chung (Dai Si-Chung)
Faye Wong

(July 18) The "Godfather of Hong Kong music", music teacher Tai Sze-Chung passed away at age 69 after a heart attack. Tai began training singers in 1976 and taught generations of singers. Tai nurtured Faye Wong, Anita Mui, Leon Lai, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok, Daniel Chan and Raymond Lam. Many stars including Michelle Reis, Ray Lui, Gigi Lai, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, and Frankie Lam studied under him. When news first broke that Tai had fell into a coma, Faye Wong called the hospital to get news from relatives and Leon Lai immediately flew to Hong Kong. In 2006, Tai Sze-Chung began training mainland artists such as Betty Sun Li. He often stressed that a good appearance was not a guarantee of long-term success in pop music. Plans for commemorative concerts are under discussion. (Sina), (Xinhua), 2, 3

 Tai Sze-Chung was not without some controversy. Two pupils Kevin Cheng and Daniel Chan had contract disputes with Tai and charged him with being 'the music vampire'. In recent days, Daniel Chan seems to have forgiven Tai but Kevin Cheng did not seem conciliatory. In addition, Tai's eldest daughter was supposedly Leon Lai's first love while another daughter was Nicholas Tse's. The eldest daughter, Tai Wan-Wai, eventually married someone else, then divorced and attempted suicide 5 times to blackmail a boyfriend back to Hong Kong from Taiwan. The younger daughter, Tai Sun-Wai, later become linked to Cecilia Cheung's younger brother and singer Lui Fong (another star pupil, and former long-time boyfriend of Carol DoDo Cheng) (Sina), Acclaimed Music Educator Tai See-Chung Dies (CRI)
HKStandard: Sad refrain as Cantopop `starmaker' Tai dies at 69

Nicholas Tse studied with Tai when he was only 15 years-old and first arrived in Hong Kong from Canada
Tai Sze-Chung and Andy Lau

With Aaron Kwok

With Anita Mui (Xinhua)

Anita Mui's new style (Sina)

Yammie Lam 

Yammie Lam, Yeung Man-Li

Yammie Lam
Troubled actress Yammie Lam was hospitalized again two months ago according to her good friend, singer Yeung Man-Li. Yammie was suffering from psychosis and auditory hallucinations. Yeung who is now living in Guangzhou received a call from Yammie complaining of voices in her head and cursing her. Yammie was hospitalized by social workers for psychiatric treatment. Yammie was discharged after she prevailed on Yeung to speak on her behalf but doctors said her situation was not suitable for discharge. Yeung said Yammie was helping her design her new album cover but she looked very thin. Yammie Lam had previously told Yeung many times that she had been raped in Singapore by a powerful Hong Kong entertainment boss. In addition, two former boyfriends, one a DJ, the other a son of a businessman, have reportedly committed suicide over her. (Xinhua), (netease), 2, 3 

Kent Cheng
In happier news, Kent Cheng won the Hong Kong Celebrity Bowling Championship recently. Mainly working  in the Mainland the past 20 years, Cheng keeps fit by exercising, playing basketball, badmington and running. Also, he avoids alcohol and tobacco. (Sina)

Alex Fong Lik-Sun handed out 10 yuan discount coupons in Mongkok after Fantastic Water Babes took in only 110,000 yuan on opening night competing against Shrek. (Sina)

Joan of Arc?

Anthony Wong speaks out, again: In a press conference for film development, Wong offered up congratulations to Isabella Leong on the birth of her twins. On the Hong Kong Book Fair, Wong said that anyone can go visit the fair but to reveal the color his underwear is strange. Once again he said calling models prostitutes was a metaphor. In fact, Wong called up the analogy of Joan of Arc and said that he was like Joan of Arc! (Xinhua)

Iris, Kinki, Cat, Debby and Norain promote their photo albums in Mongkok
(Debby is the now-apologetic model who filmed a 'rape video'.)

Feng Xiaogang suffering from vitiligo
Feng Xiaogang contracted vitiligo in 2007. Last year, the condition worsened and become more serious as his face began to whiten. On his micro-blog Feng addressed the issue for the first time and fans sent in traditional home remedies. He thanked fans and displayed a bit of humour and self-mockery. (Xinhua)

Carina Lau, Alyssa Chia

Carina Lau and Alyssa Chia surprised visitors when they toured the Taiwan Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo.
Singer-actress Alyssa Chia has been in a number of scandals the past few years. (Xinhua)
Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh vacationing in Paris

Note the t-shirt 
(Herman Yau's long lost brother?)

TMI ? - Michelle Yeoh's left foot

HKStandard: Jewelry snatch puts cop under spotlight
The theft of jewelry worth around HK$500,000 from an off-duty officer has left the police mystified.
WPost: Chinese service sells 'birth tourism' to the U.S.

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