Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hong Kong Book Fair and Not Fair


Last year, the bikini-clad pseudo models, or “leng mo,” dominated the event with their eye-popping photo books and autograph sessions that had hundreds of young men queuing to meet the pretty young women.

However, in late June, the Trade Development Council (TDC) announced that all autograph sessions in promotion of “immoral” content or those that use “bad-taste” publicity strategies would be banned from this year’s fair. The organizer rejected a total of 13 exhibitors’ applications to hold autograph sessions, and although the TDC declined to reveal the details of these applications, it is known that all applications from pseudo models were refused. Some of the books by these pseudo models are not pictorials but actual books—and their autograph sessions were still banned anyway. The TDC has allowed the sales of all of these books and pictorials, though. (asia-city, formerly HKMagazine)

HKStandard: Pretty chaotic
Sexy models were mobbed at the opening of the Book Fair yesterday, causing chaos that organizers had tried to head off...
Not at the Hong Kong Book Fair
Chrissie Chau
Though banned from holding autograph sessions at the Hong Kong Book Fair this year, Chrissie Chau was optimistic about book sales. 200 fans were waiting for her at a fan session at Golden Bauhinia Square. Because of inclement weather, it was moved to another location indoors causing some chaos. (Sina)

Mobile sales truck

13 year-old fan (Xinhua)

Jessica C

Jessica C as tattooed geisha

Jessica C clothed

At the Fair
Anthony Wong attended the opening day of the Book Fair. Spending time in the culture and investment area, he quoted from a Dictionary of Cantonese, "Spider hide table, wind and rain together." Meaning: On the eve of a storm, spiders hide in dark places (under a table). Presumably, the models are the 'spiders'.

Justin Lo simply dismissed the models as 'pork chops'.

Carol (Yeung Ji-Yiu) obeyed rules and did not sign autographs in the book sales area but put on a clerk's vest and greeted fans. Later she signed in the cafe area, though.

Carol (Yeung Ji-Yiu)

Theresa Fu promotes her wares

Theresa Fu

Debby and Norain

Carol (l) and more models hand out publicity photos

Iris, Cat, Norain and Debby


Michelle Wai was there to support Mani Fok's new book

Macy Chan Mei-Si promotes The Emerald and the Pearl film album and admitted that she was not 'pure' as she used to posed for photo albums. 
Yeung Ding photo which fans bit into to win coupons, CDs, posters
Cally Kwong Mei-Yun has a book of her own


Anonymous said...

I love this! I especially love Anthony Wong--thanks so much!

dleedlee said...

I think he likes to stir up beez nests. These girls are just the tip of the iceberg. They actually have group names like Monster Beez, Sugar Beez, Donut...Wait, I really deny that I know this at all. :D