Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dragon and Phoenix Inn - August 19 Release

Dragon and Phoenix Inn, directed by Chung Shu-Kai (72 Tenants of Prosperity) is set to be released Aug. 19. Law Kar-Ling, Gong Xinliang, Nat Chan, Bruce Leung, Huo Siyan are also in the cast. (Sina)

The story is adapted from traditional and classical Chinese repertoire "You Long Xi Feng". During the Ming dynasty, then-emperor Zhengde was traveling to the south of China, when he encountered a woman named Li Fengjie and fell in love with her. In the film, however, Li Fengjie (Barbie Hsu) has been changed into a beautiful but sassy boss. She often uses her rattan to teach the emperor (Richie Jen) while he is disguised as a waiter in her shop.


Barbie Hsu plays a Sassy Girl, Richie Jen is the Beggar King

Barbie Hsu, Richie Jen
Barbie Hsu

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