Friday, July 9, 2010

7.9.2010 - News

ATV hands over treasured films to Hong Kong Film Archive
This valuable collection includes Cantonese, Mandarin and Chaozhou dialect films from the 1940s to the 1990s, with classics such as The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948), A Star of Mischief is Born (1951), How Wong Fei-hung Set Fire to Dashatou (1956), She Married an Overseas Chinese (1957), Three Trials of the Number One Scholars Wife (1958), My Intimate Partners (1960), He is a Rare and Passionate Lover (1962), The Dragon and the Phoenix (1963), The Young Swordsman Lung Kim Fei (1964), The Flag of Death (1965), Dragon Inn (1967) and Incredible Rumour (1968).
The collection includes classic Cantonese films from as early as the 1940s such as The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948), starring the renowned Cantonese opera singer and actor Sun Ma Sze Tsang, and the famous wuxia genre director King Hu's Dragon Inn (1967).

CRI:Ge You's Three Films Anticipate US$150 Million in Revenue
Ge You's three films "Zhao's Orphan," "Let the Bullets Fly" and "If You Are the One 2" will open in China by the end of 2010

Fantastic Water Babes
Mainland audiences are reportedly clamoring for the Cantonese version of the film. Recent Hong Kong films Love in a Puff and Crossing Hennessy were well received in their Cantonese forms. Younger viewers appreciate the nonsense comedy, idioms and slang, and feel it's best reflected in the original. After pre-release screenings, audiences from all 31 provinces including the far northeast and southwest are requesting the Cantonese version. Those seeing the non-Cantonese version have expressed dissatifaction.

Johnnie To's Single Men and Women on a hot summer day
Daniel Wu looking sharp, Brother Sharp, in Central

Johnnie To, Louis Koo

Ukrainian model, Larisa (formerly Larisa Angela)

JJ Jia Xiao-Chen (l)
Wang Ziwen - Aftershock

Wang Ziwen debut film was Post-Modern Life of My Aunt

Homecoming queen Gong Li takes charge
No awkward questions, please.

CRI: Poster Unveiled for Faye Wong's Concert Comeback
CRI:  Rebellious Taiwan Star Shows Ocean of Creativity - Richie Jen
SG: Cecilia Cheung denies signing no-pregnancy contract
SG: Wu Chun has not dated for 14 years?!

Danwei: Annoying fake accents on Chinese TV
Film and TV critic Meng Jing writes for Xinmin Weekly about actors adopting dodgy accents for regional TV dramas.


duriandave said...

That's good news about the ATV collection. I'd love to see a full list of the titles.

Wow... those Polish movie posters are totally out of left field. Very cool!

dleedlee said...

Oddly, a lot of those ATV titles mentioned have been released on vcd. That's a huge haul, 400 plus another possibly 300 more. That's great news, indeed.

duriandave said...

Yeah, I noticed Incredible Rumour and Dragon Inn. So, although it's good to have these original prints in the care of the HKFA, it doesn't necessarily mean a new flood of previously unavailable oldies for folks like us.

dleedlee said...

I know My Intimate Partners, Judge Fall to Pieces, Star of Mischief are on video. And Flag of Death might be Josephine Siao's Killing Flags.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the news was that, if these are broadcast print sources, there's a good likelihood that the musical numbers might have been excised from the prints as happens too often.

Yeah, and as you discovered long ago, getting a print to video is not an easy thing to tackle. ;D