Friday, July 23, 2010

More Book Fair - Day 2 (Mostly)

Not to fear, this won't become a daily report...I don't think. Captioning these photos, it reminds me of the old Mousketeers TV program:  I'm Debby...I'm Iris...I'm Lavina...I'm Yumi...I'm DaDa...

Another look at the Book Fair frenzy (Day 1)
Pictured - Debby, Iris

DaDa (c)
"Leng mo" Dada (Chan Ching) was taken to the hospital as she got woozy and collapsed in the parking lot while preparing to meet fans at an autograph session in Tsim Sha Tsui. Despite that, she carried on until her manager noticed DaDa's condition and whisked her off to the hospital.
Healthy Dada

Jessica C handed out lollies

Yumi brought her Kamen Raider security


Christine (Yeung Ding) was mistaken for Angelababy as her booth was next to hers.

Mikoco and Christine (Yeung Ting) arrive

Meg Lam Kin-Ming supported the rights of the models as long as they didn't break any laws.

Fans check out Chrissie Chau's 41 minute DVD '3D French Honeymoon'.
The marketing strategy was to release the photo album on Day 1 and the DVD on Day 2.

Chrissie was too busy with her mobile van and she said she would not visit the Book Fair. Despite typhoon warnings, her fans were not impeded in their enthusiasm.


Book sales

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