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7.31.2010 - News

China’s Spielberg: Making Shock Waves (Newsweek)
In his new film, Aftershock,Chinese director Feng Xiaogang recreates the terror of those devastating minutes: low-rise brick buildings crumble; collapsing apartment blocks hurl bodies into the air; a government factory compound turns to rubble, trapping children under concrete slabs.

FBA:  Asian films in other Venice sections [Ten Thousand Waves screened as Better Life?]
Better Life Dir: Isaac Julien UK, China, 55 mins Cast: Maggie Cheung, Zhao Tao, Yang Fudong
Related: Inspired by the Morecambe Bay tragedy of 2004, in which 23 Chinese cockle-pickers drowned, it explores migrants' culture and what motivates people to take perilous journeys in search of a better life...(more)

HKStandard: RTHK hits the mark with kung fu show
Kung Fu Quest introduces martial arts with a travelogue element. You can review the program on the RTHK website. [7.10.2010]

Remastering the titles was a painstaking process that took more than six years to complete. The soundtracks for each film were also fully restored, including both the Mandarin- and Cantonese-language versions for movies that had both soundtracks. For some films, new music and effects tracks were created to allow dubbing of foreign-language tracks to facilitate distribution internationally.

In addition, the Shaw Brothers library contains the biggest collection of kung fu movies in the world, and more than half of them were remastered in HD.

Aaron Kwok and Shu Qi

Shu Qi and Aaron Kwok reunite in a film after more than 10 years since Storm Riders

Chrissie Chau at the iPhone4 event last night.

Chrissie plans to defy the banning from the ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game,i.e., Comic-Con) and attend the convention tomorrow in her Cosplay outfit to promote her online game Dragon Online.

Chrissie Chau beach ball sold in the Animation section. 

Chrissie and various products for sale. Presumably, taken after hours.

Model Carrie Lam Li (2005 Miss Hong Kong, 2nd runner up) tries out the Chrissie Chau innertube!

Pseudo-model Carol did some stealth promoting bypassing the ban by buying a ticket as a guest and bought her own Legend is Born, Ip Man figure. Then she returned later and bought a Bruce Lee figure. Arch-rival DaDa claimed foul.

Oops, I'm drawing a crowd!

Carol, back again, for Bruce.


(Sina), 2

Angelababy is in Japan promoting her new TV series

With Godzilla

Takuya Kimura vs Huang Xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming was bashed for copying Takuya Kimura in his latest magazine spread.

Historic raid leaves us disappointed
For the Hong Kong Police, however, world history was made. It was the first time police had combined with the army, navy and air force (naval air arm at least) in a raid. It was also the first time police had used military aircraft.
JS Lam served with `Asia's Finest' for 32 years, reaching the rank of senior superintendent before retiring in 1996.

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