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7.24.2010 - News

FBA: Chen Zhen set for Venice heroics
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen has been set as the second film on the opening night of the Venice film festival (1-11 Sept, 2010).
CRI: Chinese Action Film to Open Venice Film Festival

Shu Qi and Donnie Yen will walk the red carpet at Venice

Huang Shengyi will begin work on Tony Ching Siu-Tung's 3D Legend of White Snake next month. Previously, Jet Li has been reported to also cast. Huang, a Stephen Chow protege, had no comment on the report of Chow's recent break up news.

Elanne Kwong plays a woman with autism in Perfect Fairy Tale

Elanne Kwong, Lau Ching-Wan

Zhang Yimou's mysterious Quiet Autumn (Jing Qiu)

Zhou Dongyu

The high school student playing Jing Qiu in Under the Hawthorn Tree has been kept under tight wraps.
Recently, it was learned by netizens that the actress is Zhou Dongyu a 19 year-old senior and dance student from Shijiahuang, Hebei Province. Graduating in June, Zhou went to Beijing to take the arts examination where she was spotted by a deputy of Zhang Yimou. He recommended her to Zhang and thus became a 'Mou girl'. Due to the filming schedule, Zhou missed the annual college entrance examinations. According to reporters, her father died in an auto accident and her mother remarried, then gave birth to a daughter. The press has taken to calling her 'octopus mouth' or 'octopus lips' but friends and classmates say that Zhou is actually quite cuter than the photos show. (Xinhua), 2, 3, 4

Truth or Dare press conference in Suzhou

Qin Hailu


Wen Zhang, Sun Xing
Petrina Fung

Petrina Fung Bo-Bo was in Taiwan to promote the opening of Derek Chiu's 2007 Road to Dawn, an account of Dr Sun Yat-Sen's trip to Malaysia.
Zhang Ziyi, Yao Ming

Zhang Ziyi

Charity dinner

Steve Nash

Yao Ming also launched his brand of products

Gaile Lok and Moses Chan appeared for water brand

Moses Chan

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